Thursday, March 28, 2019

Outcome doesn't matter.

It is the effort which is in your hands. The outcome is from Allah.

Employees are judged and rewarded by their superiors by the level of successful outcomes of their activities.

This is because outcomes can be measured, analyzed and are tangible proof of success.

Yet, the gamification theory embedded deep in Islamic pillars of life dictates that it is the effort that counts, and not the outcome. In fact, the effort itself is not compulsory, but the niah - the intention of the actor towards a particular outcome.

The stoic philosophy agrees with this concept. Not every step of any process in under one's control, and it is wise to focus only on what can be changed - one's effort to achieve said outcome. Getting upset over uncontrollable events is not productive, and can drive one insane.

It is the way of the wise to measure success, not by the outcome, but by the effort.