Wednesday, February 20, 2019

PUBG Mobile zombie mode: Team up to survive

More experienced players of PUBG Mobile know the importance of sticking together and actually devising plans to win the famous chicken dinner.

The newly introduced zombie mode will teach amateurs to stick together and fight the common enemy.

This update allows you to fight zombies as well as other players, but you need to dramatically shift the priorities during the day.

Supplies are precious, as zombies don't give you much opportunity to search (since you are running for your dear life). Recovering health is also tricky, and there are quite a few techniques to help you recover health without a zombie bursting up near you.

The good thing is that zombies arrive in waves, which gives us a small window on opportunity to recover health and take stock of the ammo and guns.

Zombies have finally taught us to stick together and watch each other being mauled up.

Good job! PUBG mobile product team and developers.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Kashmir | Pulwama Fidayeen Attack: All the updates

49 casualties
33 injured


Rising Kashmir

Greater Kashmir



Friday: 15 Feb
Traffic Suspended
Official sources said that the traffic will remain suspended on the Lethpora highway for some time as the teams from National Investigation Agency (NIA) and National Security Guard (NSG) are arriving today to assist the Jammu and Kashmir police in forensic evaluation of the scene of the attack. 
Forensic Analysis

Experts of the anti-terror commando force National Security Guard (NSG) and investigators of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) are being sent to Jammu and Kashmir

Thursday: 14 Feb
Fidayeen Attack 
At least 44 paramilitary CRPF personnel were killed and several injured when a Jaish fidayeen rammed his explosive laden vehicle into a CRPF convoy along Srinagar-Jammu highway at Lethpora area in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Thursday (3.15pm).  

The 44-seater bus was reduced to a mangled iron heap due to impact of the blast.
It was part of convoy comprising around 70 vehicles.

Entire area under cordon
Sources said entire area where the incident took place was placed under cordon, while the forces were patrolling at sensitive locations to keep threats at bay.

Politicians condemn attack
The governor Satya Pal Malik strongly condemned the attack on a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) convoy in Pulwama.

Source: Rising Kashmir | Greater Kashmir | Facebook

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Artistic content

Creating artistic content such as movies and documentaries requires an end-to-end vision of the story.

Vlogs are more random, and don't present the story as a part of some master-plan and vlogs don't achieve any strategic objective of story-telling.

In 2019, a lot of people are resolving to read more books. Awesome.

I am planning to watch more documentaries instead of reading books because the visual medium is much stronger, and there are many amazing and award-winning documentaries out there.

Also, with the ease brought about by Youtube, Vimeo and Netflix, watching documentaries is no longer a costly affair.

I will try to post my thoughts about the documentaries. It is about time to develop more artistic and colourful opinions about the world around us. Technology, programming and networking gets dull very fast.

Friday, February 8, 2019

My yoga resume

I started practicing yoga in 2016 when I joined Chi Fitness gym in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Unfortunately, the gym had to close in 2017 and I ended up not practicing yoga as much as I would have liked.

If people want my yoga resume, I can show them this picture.

You can't put feathers on a dog and call it a chicken

This post is dedicated to dishonesty, deception and trickery. In the Kashmiri language, it is referred to as tigdam, and the actor as the tigdambaaz.

One should steer clear of all the various forms of deceit and deception present in today’s Kashmiri society.  Cheating is common in examinations, business transactions, and even between spouses and loved ones.