Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Muscle ache diary

Dear online diary,

1. My current workout plan is killing me. I don't get enough sleep which means there is no time to recover.
2. I am increasing in strength but looks like I have hit a plateau since I cant recover fast enough to see progression. Basically I am a loser, a thin loser.
3. I am going to gym 5 times a week. First two days, I put in all my effort. Remaining 3 days, I am sore and tired, and not really putting in 200% in the workouts.
4. I end up irritated since I don't have much energy to devote to my family chores which still need to be done anyway after 10.00pm.

Yesterday, I met a fitness trainer who explained to me about the difference between two muscle categories, one for strength and one for hypertrophy. He also advised to start BCAAs and see whether that helps with the recovery part.

Note to self: Keep reading about hypertrophy.