Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reverse Engineering your broadband router

As a device designer, I am really aware of the fact that there is always an option of a serial connection to the firmware unless it is secured using fire and ice.

Thus, to reverse engineer any device the first step would be to try to find a serial port that the engineers who designed the device left in the board. Usually, this port is left for debugging and, in my case, updating the firmware in a hard way.

As an example, these guys found the serial port on a Huawei Router.

Second step is to get it connnected to your laptop, and guess the baud rate. There are also more complicated ways to find the baud rate, such as by connecting to an oscilloscope etc. but who got time for that.

Connect it to a serial monitor such as Putty and Linux your way around.

Don't try to do it with your UNIFI or STREAMX though, as you void your device warranty.