Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Archive of pictures from #KashmirFloods


Caption: Alex Smart

 Should we still vacate the house? How worse can it get? The water won't even enter the cars. But the water sure is dirty

 We can't even go buy anything now. The water is at the hip level. The cars cannot move at all because of the water. But I think this is the maximum. The rain stopped falling yesterday, and the sky is starting to clear up. How worse can it get?

 Geee. My white car has disappeared. So has the car of my neighbor at the top-left of this picture. You can clearly see the clouds now, it's back to sunny days. I have no idea how the battery in my cell phone is being charged. Better wait for the water to recede now.

 My house just became re-located inside a lake. My cars are officially under water, just like the Titanic. The water is just one floor though. I regret buying the new air freshener for my cars.

(Not in actual sequence. Exaggerated for effect. Source)

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