Wednesday, April 23, 2014

They call me OP and they thank me. You are welcome!

I am the actual OP. The actual original poster of the solution. As in the one who first posted it and then this website posted it to its users. I am not angry, I am flattered. Thanks for the reference though.

The comments in the web page have a lot of references to OP (again.. Original Poster). For them, they want the opinion of the person who posted there. For me, I am "THE OP". The android champ. The android itself.

So I will be replying to them here:


Thank you stranger olu4life. Atleast you knew I am a bro! I know I solved a huge problem.


Silence is gold. I don't want to say anything. Plus what does your username LCDD even mean?


Herald9 has spoken. The method is definitely worth trying.


Nice job Abdul. Are you my cousin Abdul?

Well, fame is short lived. There was a time when my post used to come at the top of Google when users searched for "Storage Space Running Out Android". Now its somewhere near the bottom. SEO needs to be done.