Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Internet of Things in Malaysia

Working in MIMOS is great. I get to be part of team that is committed to bring IoT into Malaysia. The IoT team in Wireless Communications header by Dr. Mazlan Abbas. DMA is also a member of the Industry Panel for Communication Engineering for IIUM (mi alma mater)

But Malaysians are not familiar with IoT.

People ask me what I am researching on, and I reply "The Internet of Things!"

"Things? What Things?", they say.

Then I start defining the vision like an academic, pointing to the potential like an excited child and being proud to be part of it.

But that also means my skill set is getting really unique. All networking layers in one; from programming end devices such as Zolertia Z1 nodes and Arduinos, to configuring gateways, networks and cloud configurations. Life is a piece of strawberry cake,

Skill set related to Linux, and other tools is becoming secondary. Yes, I can do all those system admin stuff:install, update, troubleshoot. But that's not my main job. I get to learn all that. My primary skill set is now heading towards computer research.

Yeah, that's what I wanted to become as a child. A SCIENTIST!

I am on my way!