Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Install Ubuntu on Alix 2D13 without VGA | Tutorial

Let me make this tutorial very short. Assuming Windows.

Problem: You want to install Ubuntu (12.10??) on Alix 2D13 but you are confused about the installation. How could you possibly install without using a VGA monitor. How?


Well, use the serial port. Duuuh!

You need to re-route (networking term) the display from the VGA into the SERIAL.

1. Make a live USB of Ubuntu Server using Universal USB installer software.

2. Replace the following files under the isolinux folder with the ones I have provided so generously:


3. You are good to go.. Boot!

4. Did I forget to tell you to connect the serial port on the Alix to your PC/Laptop (using a serial-serial or serial-usb cable)

 5. Open up PuTTy or any other similar software. Use a baud rate of 115200 on your prized serial port. (COM1, COM2... COM455??)

End of tutorial!

ubuntu server installation output to serial
ubuntu error setting up gfx boot on a live usb