Thursday, February 20, 2014

Is AMD better or Intel? Answered..

 So I read this here:
Many software programmers consider Intel's compiler the best optimizing compiler on the market, and it is often the preferred compiler for the most critical applications. Likewise, Intel is supplying a lot of highly optimized function libraries for many different technical and scientific applications. In many cases, there are no good alternatives to Intel's function libraries.
Unfortunately, software compiled with the Intel compiler or the Intel function libraries has inferior performance on AMD and VIA processors.

This guy summarizes it for the rest of us, non geeky fellows.

Intel makes robot brains.

AMD makes robot brains too. But Intel makes the instructions that everyone uses for those robot brains.

Intel instructions tell Intel brains, "Be good", so Intel robots are fast and do good things. Those instructions tell AMD brains, "Be bad", so AMD robots are slow and do bad things.

People point at AMD for being bad when they were just doing what Intel told them.

Now the question coming to my mind is should we be having a standardized instruction set from Intel?

Should we even be trusting Intel chips? FreeBSD doesnt even trust Intel, and its hardware random number generator. It might not be so random after all..

Ok back to preparing the camera ready version for one of my papers. Byee