Friday, November 15, 2013

Perlc usage | In an aim to make an object file of a perl script.
I was searching for something like a Perl executable to make an object file so that compilation is not necessary. Found that some tools do exist, such as perl2exe, perlapp and an outdated perllcc tool.

I just thought of writing this article to show the usage of the tool, as some beginners (like me) may end up confused.

So imagine you have a script to copy some stuff from one place to another, and you have named it as 'perlcp' and saved it with the extension of '.pl'.

So imagine you were searching online for a script that would help you make an executable of your perl script or try to make a '.c' file for whatever reasons you have. You copy this code and save it in a

And you have already installed perl before, and have already thought of leaving your job and becoming a monk.

Eventually to output a perlcp.c file, this is what you need to enter at the prompt:

perl -d

and to make an exe:

perl -exe pearl

This is the same approach used in this xkcd cominc

No wonder beginners get confused.