Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Getting the battery consumption in a COOJA simualtion

The end of the year is coming near, and the different project and researches are wrapping up. That also means unnoticed problems, occasional headaches, and tummy upsets for some staff. Luckily I am not so stressed, and I have nothing to wrap up (per se). Right now I am experimenting with XBee on an Arduino.

I made this small application. I kept an XBee Arduino setup with me, and gave another one to few of my colleagues (read as friends) who are working in another lab. They can press a button on their setup and metres away I will be notified that they are looking for me.

Apprantly they started calling me to close their door, to throw the trash, and the occasional itch.

Could they be punished each time they call me?

I installed a shrill speaker thing on theirs, which beeps a few times whenever they click the button, whereas I hear a nice square wave based music tone.

Nope! Didnt stop them.

Then I gave them the condition that they can only call me 3 times a day, and I will maintain a log of it. (Programming and debugging does mess up a mind)

They called me 3 times in a minutes. I went there. They said it was by mistake the first time, the thing fell down the second time, and third time they lifted it up and put it back.

Now, I have just unplugged my side of the thing.

In other news, COOJA gives me the same set of battery voltage values for some (undisclosed) code:

I don't really know why, and I haven't had the motivation to search for it online.

Now is the time to test it on real Z1 nodes. Now is the time to get the hands dirty (umm pants dusty)