Thursday, October 31, 2013

ThinkPad T440 HASWELL is here

Got an email from Lenovo. The Lenovo Thinkpad T440 is available for purchase in the US of A.

Ah! The beauty..

Waiting for it and E440 to hit the Malaysian markets.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rest in Peace Mattoo Uncle.

A disciplined teacher, a loving uncle. Dear Mattoo Uncle. May Allah grant you with eternal Jannah.

I remember learning some of my first few things from Mattoo uncle about science. When all others were learning how to multiply, I was writing H20 and O2 with chalk; and taking care to mention that one was water and another one was oxygen. I was fascinated with chalk, which I found in their attic. I was fascinated with science because of chalk. I wanted to write something smart with chalk, like my scientist uncle. So what my chemistry-aware-father didnt teach me, my uncle did.

May Allah bless him and his family and give strength to Masi, and the twin girls and the son.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Storage Space Running Out With WiFi on Android | Solution

One of the readers posted this following question in one of my earlier posts on a similar problem faced by users:

"Thanks for your valuable support.Only One quarry is that i delete log folder them my memory come back but when i on Wi-Fi continuously then automatic my free space of internal memory leaps from 10.0 Gb towards 0 MB .Pls Give solution i m really afraid that what happen whith my Samsung Note-2 phone."

Rewriting the problem in my style:

"Whenever I keep Wifi on, my free memory always gone!"

So the problem could be a lot of logs being created either when the wifi is getting initialised or due to some debug statement getting executed repeatedly. If updating firmware, or other workarounds did not work, then try this desperate workaround:

1. Root your phone. For a general idea or a step-by-step method for S2 I9100G (which is my phone) refer here.
2. Download the Root Browser app fro here:
3. Reboot
4. Open the newly installed Root Browser app, a pop up will come stating if you want to give the app root permission. Grant it.
5. Navigate to /system/bin and look for the file named: "dumpstate"
6. Touch the file for a few seconds (Right Click???) to get the options for the file, and select "Permissions".
7. Untick/Uncheck all the marks under the "Execute" Permissions column.
8. Navigate to /data/ and delete the folder "log".
9. See the magic :)

I don’t guarantee that you will fix the problem but it’s a good start nonetheless.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rowan Atkinson Converts to Islam | Or not?

So I was doing my daily surfing of the Internet, and somewhere I read that Mr. Bean or Rowan Atkinson had converted to Islam. 

I did a quick search to see what came up. Here is a screenshot:

So is Wikipedia a good source for information?

Yes it is!

But not today..

I am sure this rumour must have started somewhere in Pakistan, because its most of the websites ending in .pk which are posting this.

For those of you still confused, he hasn't converted. So stop being all giggly giggly.. There is no legitimate source of this news.

Alex Smart Said: : "Mr. Bean has now converted to Islam and renamed himself as Mubeen"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ThinkPad E440 release date

The new model in the Lenovo lineup of ThinkPads appears to be a beauty. The ThinkPad E440 is the Haswell version for the famous E430 and E431 lineup of the ThinkPad EDGE series.

I am waiting eagerly for this marvel to be  released. Read somewhere that it will be around middle of November.

It will have intrinsic support for the ThinkPad OneLink Dock which is like your I/O on steriods. It features a touch screen, which might not be particularly useful for me, but then its cool to have one. Just hoping the resolution increases a bit as a standard for all the models. Hello its 2013 already.

Ahhh I can't wait for it.  Even the E431 is so delicious. While my mind tells me to wait for a few more months, my heart wants it right away.

Coming Soon at

Aah, the beauty..