Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Storage Space Running out on Android | Solution

Samsung S2 delete system log
Android delete system log

My Internal Storage was full, and I had no idea what was eating all the memory. I deleted all my apps (including Candy Crush :( Sigh ) in an attempt to increase the memory. None of my apps were getting updated, and the phone was laggy.

And the solution was pretty simple..

The files in "Internal Storage" cannot be browsed using a normal file browser because inherently Android states that files in this storage be 'private'.

I figured there must be something inside that is roughly the size of 10GB..

1. Root your phone. For a general idea or a step-by-step method for S2 I9100G (which is my phone) refer here.
2. Download the Root Browser app fro here:
3. Reboot
4. Open the newly installed Root Browser app, a pop up will come stating if you want to give the app root permission. Grant it.
5. Navigate to /data/ and delete the folder "log"
6. See the magic :)

The log folder in my case was full of trash since 6 months. The screenshot below shows the contents of the 'log' folder.

Each entry is around 600 KB in length. Every day around 7-10 of such entries were created by my phone. Every day!!!

Every day since Feb 5 2013.. and today is August 14.

And then I deleted the 'log' folder. Volia:

Unfortunately, I didnt take the screenshots earlier as I had no intention to blog about it. But just imagine the blue bar all the way to the right, stating only 150+ MB of free space instead of 1.5 GB.

Happy Happy :D What a simple solution to the irritating problem of the internal storage space running out constantly. Hurray