Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some of my interests are

So my LinkedIn profile states that:

Interests: Information Security, Network Security, Networking, Social Engineering, NMAP, C, Web Technologies, Internet, Linux/UNIX

 These are my interests true, but professional interests. I would like to see myself as a person having quite a handy bit of knowledge on one, or many of them. 

I really want to include stuff like

1) Cooking
I would love to create something and relish it.. Yumm

2) Piano Playing Like An Expert
I can key a few seconds of "Fur Elise", "Turkish March", and millions ob bollywood hits. But I would like to be able to play on real big big big piano when everyone is looking and people go like "Wooow Wooow"

3) Kashmiri Songs
Something I set up a website for. This goes in direct relation with my interest #3. So I sing Kashmiri songs while playing my paino (instrument) on a violinishhhhh tone... AaaaaaaAAaaaaAaa

4) Robotics and stuff
Watching a robot jump around is cool.. Yaay or nay?

5) ART
Best for the last. I love to sketch, and draw stuff.. I am good at copying stuff, as in see something in front of me, and then try to sketch it. I am bad if it requires guess work. Maximum I will come up with are abstract shapes and few trees..