Saturday, March 2, 2013

My first class after Bachelors

My first class at IIUM as a masters student.

So these are my fellow students. They look pretty normal.

One of them has been my lab demonstrator few years ago for 'Digital Logic Design'.  I remember her as the person who wanted to find a good boy for her sister. (She thought I was social, knew many) I remember that day as the start of a long phase of having to avoid her.

One of them kept interrupting the Professor. Too proud eay? I have never witnessed this kind of audience. He just wanted to interrupt everything. Well, maybe its normal at this level. All I know is that we used to be silent lambs during our bachelors. Counting the seconds till the end of the misery.

One thing I couldnt fail to notice was the abundance of foreigners. During these last few years in my computer major classes, I have seen none in my class. I am the only guided (misguided) guy to have the courage to chose this major. Everyone else was Malay. All assignments with them, all presentation, all group projects with them. I had learnt to appreciate their uniqueness (Unlike other foreigners here who find them weird). Now they are all non-Malaysians. I feel alone.

I was the only one wearing blue jeans.