Sunday, January 6, 2013

Issue of shrines from logic perspective.

Issue of shrines from logic perspective. (My status on facebook today)
Let A= People who support worshipping shrines, 
B= People who oppose shrines 
C=People who go to shrines just to read Quran, and dont bow/worship..

Situation A: Shrines are places of salvation, Group A is right Group B is wrong:

In this case, the group A are clearly the winners. All the effort they put in Urs and Dargahs has paid off.. The saints have helped them achieve salvation.. All groups A, B and C go to heaven, with group A having more Thwaaab..

Situation B: Shrines are places of kufr, Group B is right Group A is wrong:

Group B and Group C go to heaven anyway.. Group A goes to Hell for shirk..

Are we prepared to take that risk?