Monday, April 30, 2012

New Facebook Page

This is the link to the Facebook page which I newly created! Good for those who want to be notified when a new song is uploaded on the "" archive!

And here is something to drool over:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Kashmiri and The English

Here we go. Please comment if you find any correction, or have more to add  to this list:D

Automatey: Automatic
Rabad: Rubber
BokhNasur: Dumb, not Social
Bazaar Jajeer: A person who cannot keep a secret, cannot stay in one place
Loiri Dastaar: All CMs after Indira-Sheikh accord
Gaandhay: Rs 500
Zanaan-Mohniw: Lady
Watal Paether: Cheap Behaviour
DaaneKuth: Kitchen
Khraw: Wooden Sandal
Wat Chount: Shut Up
Paekistaan noon: Rock Salt
ThoolChalawin: Headbutt
Ninimonditch: Frog
Muk Nas: Flat nose
Thag: Thug
Jaal Saaz: Crook

Alex Smart Said: "Sardarji, moul kari Hajj"