Monday, August 15, 2011

Kashmiri terminology during Ramadhan

Deheldees: Noun. A term given to a person who doesnt fast. Also known as DehelKhaw.

TaapeSahar: Noun. A meal taken when its sunny to make a "Deheldees" (see above) not feel guilty.

Iftiyaar: Kashmiri for Iftar, people add the extra 'y' to put more stress on how tired the feel after all that fasting.

Taraweeh: It doesnt matter if you pray 8 or 20, as long as you go in between to stroll around and then resume praying.

SaharKhan: A person who goes around with a drum, in the early hours, with the intention to wake people up. Usually is not familiar with the modern technology of the alarm.

Mughal Darbar: A shop, usually all bread items are brought from here. Situated near "Sunday Market" where all stolen (?) goods are available very cheap on sundays.

Alex Smart said: "Wakte Sahar, yus ne wothhe su kheyhey zahar" - Time to wake, those who dont may gladly eat some poison.