Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Independence Day in Kashmir

A majority of the shops remained closed. The roads bore a deserted look, with an occasional maruti 800 rushing by. The local city bus services remained suspended as well. However, the funniest thing is the suspension of the "mobile service". This was claimed to be a part of the I-Day security measures.


What about internet???? According to GK, various news organisations and portals in the valley failed to update their websites.

Talk about freedom. Well, public interest comes first though!

While CM Omar blamed some factors for unrest in the valley, he should also realize that "taali ek haat se nai bajti". Newspapers are full of incidents where the unrest had been provoked by some other circumstances. People do have emotions, people do react- it seriously doesnt matter whether those factors exist or not. As for me they just exist to mark spots on the calendar, otherwise believe me, the protests would continue and continue forever. Something minor provokes the people, and they all end up shouting slogans of azadi. Our beloved young CM should have a look into that.

The good thing is I-Day functions passed off peacefully. No one died, apparently no one was hurt. Alhamdulillah.

Alex Smart Said:

Apparently they forgot to take the shoes of people. Shoes can be potential security hazards, as history has shown.