Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Somone said something against homosexuals

Some sources say that there in Kashmir, some big shot guy (I know the name, I dont want you to know :P )  declared homosexuality as a disease (or leading to one). Obviously he meant no discrimination. I have some gay friends, I dont discriminate against them at any level. Neither did he!! He said something a doctor could have said.

I agree, gays should enjoy equal rights as human beings. They deserve to live, however strange the habit is! But that guy didnt want to kill them... He said something, with something else on mind! It like saying smoking is a disease! How odd does that seem? 

After googling around the internet, I came to copy paste the following, which proves what he said was right:

"AIDS Rate 50 Times Higher in Homosexual Men: Center for Disease Control"


"Men who have sex with men and women are a "significant bridge for HIV to women"


Protests starting from common "gali ke gays" to "The UNAIDS, a UN agency working on AIDS" were held everywhere..

What boggles me the most is what my dear friend said..

Alex Smart, "Becharay ne sach hi tou kaha tha!!!"
*(So basically protests all around for speaking the truth)


Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Facebook Flirts From Kashmir

The name has been hastily blurred out due to privacy reasons..

Now that my exams have finished I have officially begun to stalk every tom, dick and harry in my news feed. I study the activities, the friends people make, and the status messages that they put up.
After 2 hours of heavy stalking, I now declare the following (known) fact:

Kashmiri users on Facebook are divided into three categories.

1) Normal, true people who use facebook to keep in touch with others. (like me and my friend Areeb)

2) Normal, flirts who use facebook as a time pass, add all sorts of girls, usually have nothing better to do.. (usually boys like this guy here.. Check out his friend list..)

3) Fake profiles, the number 2 category keeps adding this one (like this or like this.. )

This trend is so funny, particularly the comments that #2 guys make in the pictures/wall of #3..

I got some screenshots that should enough to give you the message:

Alex Smart Commented: Gari ne way, nebre tie!!