Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Grand Salt Tea of Kashmir

I believe the people who introduced the salt tea to us Kashmiri people, "nun chai" wanted the Kashmiri people to die of high blood pressure. But who cares, we all have to die someday, its better to dine well while we are alive..

Few years ago, I remember going to a place in Ajmer, where they served salted tea to "Kashmiris"; who undoubtedly formed a major portion of the visitors to a particular "shrine". The Ajmeri people there called it the "Special Namkeen Chai for Kashmiri Bhai-Log".

So how did they make the tea? Clearly, it wasn't the real deal.


They took normal Lipton Red Label Chai, and instead of putting sugar, they put salt..!!! 

It tasted ok!! Like chai soup.

I vomitted!