Zara Mat Uthao Khoshketh

Overheard in some place in Kashmir:

Mom: beta, jau computer band karo!
Son: bus 2 minutes mama, email ka reply kar raha hun

<2 minutes later>

Mom: auer asakh ath monitaras, kar wan band, doh woutuy aith seeth
Son: mein ne abhi turn on kiya, mein dost ke saath chat kar raha hun

<5 minutes later>

Mom: Hata loga ath naar, aech ha gasnay kharaab, karuw waen band, gas padhai kun kar yem magez..



Mat Uthao Mujhay Khoshketh..

Alex Smart Said: " But mera photo UTHAO chalega"


Stuff I will do when I go back

In July I shall be in Kashmir inshaAllah. 

I shall not miss the opportunity to inhale the smoke from similar burning logs of wood, designed to create air pollution, and to signal the location of a marriage in the analog GPS system that operates in the valley. This happens in real time, but the range is limited to a couple of kilometers. 

Alec Smart Said: "If you see smoke, fear not my friend, its not anyones house, it WAZAWAN, its strictly tummy business"

The Grand Salt Tea of Kashmir

I believe the people who introduced the salt tea, "nun chai" wanted the Kashmiris to die of high blood pressure. But who cares, we all have to die someday, its better to dine well when we live..

I remember going to a place in Ajmer, where they served salted tea to "Kashmiris"; who undoubtedly formed a major portion of the visitors to a particular "shrine". The people there called in the "Special Namkeen Chai for Kashmiri BhaiLog".

So how did they make the tea?


They took normal Lipton Chai, and instead of putting sugar, they put salt..!!! 

It tasted good!! 

I vomited!

I ran out of Kashmiri Songs! Finally

    So many people are interested in getting free downloads of the best Kashmiri songs. No I mean seriously! The number of hits that I am getting on my Kashmiri Songs: download site is growing daily. I dont say it is the best site to download, but it is a good one. The downloads are easy to start, no useless ads bouncing up on your screen, no need to enter "Word Verifications". The only thing is my song collection is very very limited. I dont have many songs to upload.

There is another thing happening. People are actually requesting for songs now.. Have a look:


"karath bewafayi bu nay mushrawath,mohbat cze meonoy aasi nay mubarak"

OK! I have absolutely no idea how to find them. I havent even heard of these songs before. Can anyone help.. mp3?


How the future flyover in Kashmir will look like | Elevated Corridor


Pointers and Arrays | Passing to functions

Good place to understand Pointers, however this article is for C++ but nevertheless very good:

What passing arrays to functions actually means: