Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Gossip Mongers

I used to be a neutral guy, never used to take any sides, except where I saw injustice was being done.

Now I have changed, thanks to handful of people who just regard me to be an object to get information, for the use in their construction of gossip. They think I dont know what they have termed me as, what nicknames they have given me. Then they act as innocent as a baby in front of me. They gossip to others about me, and those (stupid) others gossip to someone else about me, the chain continues, and finally it comes back to me..

Who gossips with you will gossip of you

One thing I have observed, that a gossip monger, after years of gossipping about others and thinking himself/herself to be perfect, is often faced with a situation that makes him/her a talk of the town. Usually the (in)fame is caused by a near/dear one, or the person himself. I have too many examples to be mentioned. What goes around comes around. I dont even have to mention all the Hadith related to gossip, the sin is grave enough

An advice, however well your condition is, however well off you are, you have absolutely no right to gossip about anyone else. REMEMBER IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!! Take the example of people around you..