Friday, March 25, 2011

Some final touches now

There, I have successfully managed to put a really fresh look now (So I think).. This look should probably stay for 6 more months until I get bored with this also and start changing stuff again.. New stuff this time is the fancy menu box on top, where I have classified links according to their categories, I put my own cool section called Admin to flatter my vanity, and to feel important.. The link to my Kashmiri Songs download page goes under the Category "Gallery", and so my Youtube channel and the general link to pictures that I post here. I need to do some more brushing up for the pictures part, as not all pictures that I have uploaded appear there..

Now, I can breathe normally again. The layout is always a stress factor for me, when I dont like it.. Now finals are coming up real quick. Have to start studying and cramming up. Wish me good luck, O my imaginary readers..