Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let me introduce you to Areeb

Hello Friends,

Today I take this opportunity to introduce my friend Areeb Hussain. He is studying Biotechnology Engineering in IIUM as well. Right now he is sitting with me, and we are both in the library of our university, level 4. We are here trying to study economics, the subject of operations research which we are forced to study as a requirement for our graduation.

Ok, back to Areeb! He is the spawn of satan :P He brings with himself a charm of bad-luck. If you want a third world war, then its better to unleash him. Lets have a look at his adventures:

1. He caused an earthquake in Indonesia when his flight flew over the unfortunate country.
2. He is the first person I know of, who put his passport in the washing machine.
3. He is also the first person I know of, who missed his flight, lost his phone, lost his keys, in the same trip back home.
4. He sat in a friend's car for the first time, and soon after the car broke down.
5. Someone wanted to take him to a new place to eat; the same day the place closed down due to health issued. Was shutdown by the ministry of health. Remained shut for 2 months.
6. According to him, when he was 8, his mere mention of wishing to stop the plane, actually caused it to be delayed by 8 hours.
7. He complained that he hadnt been out of his room for the whole day, the magical forces heard that and electricity was cut off at 7 pm, forcing him and others around him to come out of their rooms.
8. But, after his majesty having said so, decided to leave his room only if the electricity returns in half an hour. Volia, nature didnt want to trouble him; electricity came back at 7.30 sharp.
9. For those of you who have seen the movie "The Number 23" and know the power of that number, let me tell you, my friend here was born on the 23rd.
10. On his birthday in 2005, the hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas. It is one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of United States.
11. When he touched a friends guitar, for some reason his string broke the next day.

If I remember more, I will post it here.. Thats all for now...