Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A really good sleep

Why would such a thing happen to me? I have been suffering from bad sleep ever since I came to Malaaysia, always tossing and turning in my sleep, then finally waking up exhausted and sleepy. Its a different stories on the weekends, where my sleeping hours go well past the 1 O Clocks and the 2 O Clocks.

Yesterday, I woke up really early, and then I was travelling the whole day, and had a really tiring day. I was expecting myself to wake up; obviously not before my cousin would come and throw water on me for lunch. Strangely, my eyes opened at 9.30 am, I looked around, my cousin was still asleep.

First thing I did after that, was write this blog post. Thankfully, there is internet here- Yes, my blood supply is here. Thus, as a traveller, hereby I declare that I can adjust in any type of conditions, except cold ofcourse, if there is a steady internet connection which I can use. And facebook shouldnt be blocked by the local jungle adminstration.

Sipping a cup of tea,  I am looking forward for my day ahead. Maybe I will get to learn some Thai.

Till then, bye bye.