Monday, November 22, 2010

My holiday

Today was a rainy day, managed to wake myself up really early. Special occasion-yes it was, I had a flight to catch at around noon, and I didnt want to miss my flight. My friends have this unique history of travelling; all the misfortunes of the Greek and Australian mythologies had invoked a curse on their travel plans. I didnt want to join their 'famous' loser group, so I forced myself to set an alarm real early.

By 9.01 am, I was already at KL Sentral station, the hub of Kuala Lumpur transport. From there, as lonesome bus swallowed me and spewed me out an hour later at the 'Low-Cost-Carrier-Terminal'. Unlike the KLIA terminal, this terminal is entirely reserved for Air-Asia, the world renowned lowest fare air travel giant.

I checked in from a machine, and handed my bag to a suspicious looking Tamil lady, who no doubt is fed up of her job as a data entry clerk. With a monotonous job like that, I really pity her. 

Finally after long hours of travelling, I am finally here.. THAILAND.. ;)

Will keep posting when interesting stuff comes up.