Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Day Log Thailand

I am not really that comfortable here, maybe it will take me time to adjust. Last time, when me and my friend visited Singapore, we hadno such problem. Most probably because Singapore is similar to Malaysia in many regards, and we didnt face a culture shock, or any other shock for that matter. Singapore is safe, with perfectly robotic law abiding citizens, utopia in short.

Thailand on the other hand, is Kashmir after 60 years - some parts. Its such a strange blend of culture, and westernisation that I just cant makeup my mind. Right now, I am in Pattaya, which is like a popular tourist destination her. Its so flithy (in)famous that people from all over the world, come to enjoy the filth.

There was this particular guy sitting with me in a bus today, from Poland. He was bald, well-built and particularly reddish for my taste. After striking up a conversation, I recieved all sorts of crazy information, that I think mademe more wiser than I was this morning, running after a taxi.

This guy works in Petronas, in an offshore plant near Myanmmar. We talked about a lot of issues, ranging from weather to highly sensitive issues like religion. Mysteriously, he seemed well informed about quite a lot of things, particularly the history of India, Pakistan and the stuff going on in Kashmir. He even poked me when he saw a rare occurence of a magnificient mosque on the way, and then smiled.. I smiled back.

I keep my distance, being careful enough not to extend the conversation upto the point where volcanoes usually line up to burst the heat out. I had to try and talk to him, but within the comfort zones. It ended with a polite goodbye from my side and cheek-wide smile from him. Hoping to see him around (Not that I would recognise him but I just hope)

Coming back, Thai people are majority Buddhists, with a few Muslim minorities here and there. Budd hism is thus everywhere, part of the culture, cuisine and crowd. The rest of the troops conprise of red-skinned people, from countries such as Russia, Germany and even Israel. (Unlike Malaysians, Thai people dont have any troublewith the Israeli people). Thus, today as on 22nd November 2010, I record my first sight of an Israeli couple, scribbling away their immigration related papers.

Pattaya reminds me of Nasi Goreng Pattaya, a rice egg dish from Malaysia, prepared with fried rice and chicken , sandwitched in a huge layer of egg. If you are hungry, thats the way to go.

Thailand isnt the place where I would like to spend my life. One more reason is the food. Its expensive, (Oh Malaysia I miss your cheap food), and its not Halal. There is pork everywhere, and then there is wine at other places. The only places where I didnt find both was this KFC outlet where I ordered rice and mashed potatoes (Just to be on the safer side). I will try my best to avoid meat/chicken at any place, however brightly the term "Halal" is displayed outside.

Logging off now.


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