Monday, November 29, 2010

Does it even rain in Thailand?

Phuket is beautiful, but however close the sea may seem to it, it hasnt rained since I set my foot on the soil of Thailand. Its always been dry, as in dry fruits. I have been hopping from one bike to another, in my quest to travel the roads of this city as cheap as possible. As I move past the shops, occasionally a dimly lit, reddish coloured shop appears, and I steal a glance Pathetic place..

Phuket had suffered the most during 2004 when the Indian Ocean Tsunami hit this area. Reminds me the story of Prophet Noah, where the idol worshippers were punished by flood and terrible rains. Apparently, same punishment had been given to this part of the world. Maybe, idol worshippers are worshipped in this way, maybe other sins arent as great as idol worship..