Sunday, November 28, 2010

The delicious fried grandmother

Alhamdullilah life is funny, life is good. I have no assignments, no projects, and absolutely no money.

But I have lots of humour around me, and lots of debates. Thats what keeps me alive..

I was chatting with this guy, a newly admitted student to the IIUM from Kashmir. I have to keep his name anonymous for respect sakes.

Being so new in such a nice country like Malaysia is sure to drop your mouth in awe, as you witness the splendor of this wonderful nation.

My frie(n)d had been visiting KLCC today, the mall at the roots of the world famous Petronas towers.

I asked him how was the day?

INTERESTING, he replied

I asked him what did they eat? 

He replied that they ate at mamaks (Indian Muslim Food place)


I wasnt satisfied at his answer, I wanted to know more....

I asked him again, what did they eat??

He said,

He ate nani goreng..

I have been laughing ever since..



(What he should have said was Nasi Goreng, which means fried rice, goreng means fried.. Nani on the other hand is hindi for Grandmother..)