Monday, November 29, 2010

Does it even rain in Thailand?

Phuket is beautiful, but however close the sea may seem to it, it hasnt rained since I set my foot on the soil of Thailand. Its always been dry, as in dry fruits. I have been hopping from one bike to another, in my quest to travel the roads of this city as cheap as possible. As I move past the shops, occasionally a dimly lit, reddish coloured shop appears, and I steal a glance Pathetic place..

Phuket had suffered the most during 2004 when the Indian Ocean Tsunami hit this area. Reminds me the story of Prophet Noah, where the idol worshippers were punished by flood and terrible rains. Apparently, same punishment had been given to this part of the world. Maybe, idol worshippers are worshipped in this way, maybe other sins arent as great as idol worship..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The delicious fried grandmother

Alhamdullilah life is funny, life is good. I have no assignments, no projects, and absolutely no money.

But I have lots of humour around me, and lots of debates. Thats what keeps me alive..

I was chatting with this guy, a newly admitted student to the IIUM from Kashmir. I have to keep his name anonymous for respect sakes.

Being so new in such a nice country like Malaysia is sure to drop your mouth in awe, as you witness the splendor of this wonderful nation.

My frie(n)d had been visiting KLCC today, the mall at the roots of the world famous Petronas towers.

I asked him how was the day?

INTERESTING, he replied

I asked him what did they eat? 

He replied that they ate at mamaks (Indian Muslim Food place)


I wasnt satisfied at his answer, I wanted to know more....

I asked him again, what did they eat??

He said,

He ate nani goreng..

I have been laughing ever since..



(What he should have said was Nasi Goreng, which means fried rice, goreng means fried.. Nani on the other hand is hindi for Grandmother..)

LPG Gas Refilling Point | Only In Kashmir

Alex Smart Said, "Do They Accept Ration Cards"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The spicy and the boring

I remember my evenings in Kashmir, around 7 pm, very clearly. It was the moment when time stopped in my house, the clocks bore an ugly sight. 7 pm, the time for the local news in Kashmir, full of boring, uninteresting stories. Everyday half an hour of my life, went into the pathetic blabbering of boring incidents around the valley. I dont blame them, children always have much more interesting stuff to do.

Evening news in Pattaya is interesting, in the fact that its spicy. Who stole what, who killed what, news about Russian tourists, girlfriends, scandals, drugs, and drunken old men. Interesting.

As I read on this T-Shirt somewhere:

"Good men go to Heaven, bad men come to Pattaya"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A really good sleep

Why would such a thing happen to me? I have been suffering from bad sleep ever since I came to Malaaysia, always tossing and turning in my sleep, then finally waking up exhausted and sleepy. Its a different stories on the weekends, where my sleeping hours go well past the 1 O Clocks and the 2 O Clocks.

Yesterday, I woke up really early, and then I was travelling the whole day, and had a really tiring day. I was expecting myself to wake up; obviously not before my cousin would come and throw water on me for lunch. Strangely, my eyes opened at 9.30 am, I looked around, my cousin was still asleep.

First thing I did after that, was write this blog post. Thankfully, there is internet here- Yes, my blood supply is here. Thus, as a traveller, hereby I declare that I can adjust in any type of conditions, except cold ofcourse, if there is a steady internet connection which I can use. And facebook shouldnt be blocked by the local jungle adminstration.

Sipping a cup of tea,  I am looking forward for my day ahead. Maybe I will get to learn some Thai.

Till then, bye bye.

First Day Log Thailand

I am not really that comfortable here, maybe it will take me time to adjust. Last time, when me and my friend visited Singapore, we hadno such problem. Most probably because Singapore is similar to Malaysia in many regards, and we didnt face a culture shock, or any other shock for that matter. Singapore is safe, with perfectly robotic law abiding citizens, utopia in short.

Thailand on the other hand, is Kashmir after 60 years - some parts. Its such a strange blend of culture, and westernisation that I just cant makeup my mind. Right now, I am in Pattaya, which is like a popular tourist destination her. Its so flithy (in)famous that people from all over the world, come to enjoy the filth.

There was this particular guy sitting with me in a bus today, from Poland. He was bald, well-built and particularly reddish for my taste. After striking up a conversation, I recieved all sorts of crazy information, that I think mademe more wiser than I was this morning, running after a taxi.

This guy works in Petronas, in an offshore plant near Myanmmar. We talked about a lot of issues, ranging from weather to highly sensitive issues like religion. Mysteriously, he seemed well informed about quite a lot of things, particularly the history of India, Pakistan and the stuff going on in Kashmir. He even poked me when he saw a rare occurence of a magnificient mosque on the way, and then smiled.. I smiled back.

I keep my distance, being careful enough not to extend the conversation upto the point where volcanoes usually line up to burst the heat out. I had to try and talk to him, but within the comfort zones. It ended with a polite goodbye from my side and cheek-wide smile from him. Hoping to see him around (Not that I would recognise him but I just hope)

Coming back, Thai people are majority Buddhists, with a few Muslim minorities here and there. Budd hism is thus everywhere, part of the culture, cuisine and crowd. The rest of the troops conprise of red-skinned people, from countries such as Russia, Germany and even Israel. (Unlike Malaysians, Thai people dont have any troublewith the Israeli people). Thus, today as on 22nd November 2010, I record my first sight of an Israeli couple, scribbling away their immigration related papers.

Pattaya reminds me of Nasi Goreng Pattaya, a rice egg dish from Malaysia, prepared with fried rice and chicken , sandwitched in a huge layer of egg. If you are hungry, thats the way to go.

Thailand isnt the place where I would like to spend my life. One more reason is the food. Its expensive, (Oh Malaysia I miss your cheap food), and its not Halal. There is pork everywhere, and then there is wine at other places. The only places where I didnt find both was this KFC outlet where I ordered rice and mashed potatoes (Just to be on the safer side). I will try my best to avoid meat/chicken at any place, however brightly the term "Halal" is displayed outside.

Logging off now.


:) :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

My holiday

Today was a rainy day, managed to wake myself up really early. Special occasion-yes it was, I had a flight to catch at around noon, and I didnt want to miss my flight. My friends have this unique history of travelling; all the misfortunes of the Greek and Australian mythologies had invoked a curse on their travel plans. I didnt want to join their 'famous' loser group, so I forced myself to set an alarm real early.

By 9.01 am, I was already at KL Sentral station, the hub of Kuala Lumpur transport. From there, as lonesome bus swallowed me and spewed me out an hour later at the 'Low-Cost-Carrier-Terminal'. Unlike the KLIA terminal, this terminal is entirely reserved for Air-Asia, the world renowned lowest fare air travel giant.

I checked in from a machine, and handed my bag to a suspicious looking Tamil lady, who no doubt is fed up of her job as a data entry clerk. With a monotonous job like that, I really pity her. 

Finally after long hours of travelling, I am finally here.. THAILAND.. ;)

Will keep posting when interesting stuff comes up.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meanwhile in India

17 years of injustice | Since 1965

Alex Smart Said: Read the last paragraph will you?

Saturday, November 6, 2010