Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Open Source Does Rock But...

I do support and recommend people to use open source software, primarily because its free and wont raise the anger of the whole dancing dudes from Microsoft and so so.. I myself use OpenOffice for all my documentation needs. In one way its better, in the sense that it allows exporting as PDF, and thats what I always do.. Apparently, I registered for this new (awesome) software thingy, called as Digsby. 

An all-in-one client, you can have multiple logins to all the accounts you have made since you were born and said the word "Goo Gleee".... One thing I didnt like about it, is, that, unknowingly, it somehow managed to post its referral ad everywhere, to around 2000 genuine contacts in my address book, and well, the post below this one.. I admit, OSS does need a lot of publicity to survive in this cruel Microsoft and Adobe and world, but this is not good, its unethical... Bad Bad Digsby..