Thursday, August 5, 2010

Syed Ali Shah Geelani Says

Source: FaceBook, Date: 5th August 2010. Transcript of a Press Conference

“This is a painful appeal that I want to make to my oppressed nation, especially to the young people.

If they are impatient to see that this movement reaches its logical goal, then we are even more impatient to see this struggle reach that end.

That is why I want to appeal to people that they act according to our advice and suggestions.

In no circumstances should they act outside of our suggestions and direction.

I want to assure them, and give guarantees, that if you follow these suggestions, we will be able to achieve our purpose, and liberate our nation from Indian military occupation.

It is important that people trust us, and we trust the people. And the result of that trust should be that they must act according to the directions that reach them from us.

Now it is easy to understand, and please try to understand this, till now the people who have been martyred, and it is only our people who have been martyred, almost 50 of them, till yesterday there were 44, and today there are 6 more, these are our people. They include women, children—children of fragile age, the blossoming buds. These un-blossomed flowers have been crushed. You must see that no CRPF or a policeman has been killed in return. They may get injured, but none of them was killed.
We have to see that through our own actions, we are harming ourselves. It is not harming those against whom we are struggling, against whose forced occupation we are fighting. If we are harming ourselves, and not them, must we not reflect on this? We must coolly think about this, and understand, that we have to carry forward our movement peacefully.

I hope, wish, and would want that people should, in letter and spirit, act on this: that wherever peaceful demonstrations are stopped, people must sit down, and tell them to shoot if they can, tell them we will wait for their bullets with our chests bare. This should be the way we act.

Burnings and laying siege has no part to play in our movement. It will only hurt our movement. Some people burn government offices or damage railway stations, or do other destructive actions; they might just be reactions, against Indian coercion, against India’s military assault, against merciless murder and mayhem that India has launched. But even in reaction, we must take care not to hurt our fundamental principle.

Even our reaction must be honorable.

In every situation our actions must reflect who we are as a people. We are oppressed. We are not like the oppressors. And we must bring out, and underline this oppression that has been inflicted upon us. And this struggle should demonstrate our moral conduct and its superiority over brute force.

The world must know that our conduct is good, that we treat our non-Muslim brothers well and with respect. Some person has cut hair of a Sikh son. It has absolutely no connection with out movement. Our movement is not communalistic.

We are fighting for a cause, a pious cause. I have said it repeatedly that I see my work in this movement as a pious effort. That I speak to you now I see as a work of piety. That I spend time in jail is a matter of faithful devotion. This cause is so sacred that every step I take, every word I say, and every word I write, is a matter of worship for me. Allah considers actions in the way of this pious cause as holy prayer. For me then this whole movement is a matter of worship, where I am playing my own role as a worshipper.

That is why I want to sincerely implore our young people to consider the movement as worship, and carry it forward like one. And if we do that Allah will help us carry our movement to its logical end.

I pay tribute, from the depths of my heart, to all those who have been martyred. I pray to Allah that their sacrifice be accepted, and in lieu of their sacrifice may He liberate us from this oppression and tyranny. And those who are wounded and are lying in the hospitals may Allah heal them and give them a new life; may Allah give patience to their relatives who are suffering as well.

To carry this struggle forward with moral character may we all stand unite and speak with one voice. The entire nation has demonstrated mutual trust, and declared resoundingly that we stand united. People have supported whole-heartedly the Hurriyat Conference program. We thank them very much. We thank the Traders Federation, the employees, the workers, the women, and everyone else, who has supported our program, and sacrificed for the movement. They have sacrificed with their lives and wealth. We hear from newspaper reports of how CRPF and the police barge into houses, break windows, molest women. This is an old saga of oppression, which the Indian government is repeating in Kashmir.

We must let India know that this oppression is not going to be useful to them in any way. They will have to, sooner or later, lift this oppression. We will liberate ourselves from their military occupation.”

We will snatch freedom from India.