Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My new classification of teachers

Until today, I used to classify teachers as:
1) One who knows the subject and one who doesnt.
2) One who cant teach and one who can.

Today in this specific engineering class, I thought of another addition to the grand shame list.

3) One who has high IQ, and one who has low. (Based on the intelligence.)

So this is what happened today.. I have recently bought this shiny new book for the subject and tend to move it around in my hands and take it to each class. It saves me extra sheets of paper, as my note taking goes directly in the white spaces around the textual matter. So this guy is teaching "Video and Time", basically the way timelines are kept in digital videos. So what he said was:

00:00:00:00 is used to display time,
where 00 : 00(hour) : 00(minute) : 00(seconds)

which means a number of 00:01:45:23 would mean 1 hour, 45 minutes and 23 seconds.


I wondered. Whats the first 00 for??? Days???? A video timeline showing days? Impossible right?

Then I quickly flipped the pages in my book, and reached the particular chapter. Well, the guy had obviously forgotten how the timeline is supposed to go.. I stopped his lecture and pointed out the mistake. My class mates agreed with me.. The correction was

00(hour) : 00(minutes) : 00(seconds) : 00(frames)

What he had forgotten was the frames part of the time sequence, I dont blame his lack of knowledge for that, a simple thing like that can just miss your brain sometimes.

Oh! btw this is not the reason why I had to bring the third classification into my system. Read on!

Later in the class (around 5 minutes later), he was pointing out some flaws in some timing systems, where a lag can take place in the video, bad stuff can happen bla bla bla... And again he forgot the frames part.

HE AGAIN MADE THE SAME MISTAKE. How can a person be so ________________?

Everyone started looking at each other! I turned to the guy at my left, and shook my head.

Everyone else in the class was giggling, no one even dared to point it out again, as strange as it may seem, the lecturer was somehow succeeding (in his own relativity filled world) in explaing the 30 second lapse for a single tiny-tiny frame which lasts for a fraction of a second, not half a minute...!!!