Friday, August 27, 2010

The Kashmiri Who Didnt Fast | A story

Ramadhan, a month of blessing and good deeds. A month where Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to dusk entirely for the pleasure of Allah SWT. 

A few days back, I happened to go Jalan-Jalan, a Malay term for roaming around, walking around, exploring. I chose my destination to be a particular place called as Central Market, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I chose it because I had some memories associated with it. In my last visit to Malaysia with my parents, we had gone shopping to this place, and ever since I came to Malaysia to study, I didnt get a chance to visit the place. 

I went there by the LRT system and my good old two legs. LRT is a transport which is similar to a metro train, all electromagnetic and stuff!!

I went in, and a cold blast of Air-Conditioner made me feel comfortable. Malaysia isnt a cold country you see! If you ever decide to do jalan-jalan, make sure the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Unfortunately for me, today the heat was on!!!! Panasnyaaaaa (Malay for wicked hot!)

I went inside, roamed around for a while, casually peeking into the eating places, then looking at the watch time and again! Dusk was still far, as far as China!

Whaao!! Kashmiri Shop!

I went inside, to be greeted by a particularly familiar "Welcome" in a much more familiar accent!
I started looking around, careful not to disclose my identity as their fellow brothren! My little bit knowledge of Malay helped me in disguising my true identity as I started saying stuff in Malay. 

I peeked behind a shelf full of Kashmiri shawls, the place where the delicious aroma of the chicken was coming from! I pretended I was looking at the shawls. I saw this Kashmiri guy, maybe 21 years old, happily munching rice and chicken! He didnt look sick to me, and as a guy, I wouldnt expect him to be suffering from the condition by which ladies are exempted to fast! He had his ear pierced, and wore a black T Shirt! A smile of disgust appeared on my face!

He started talking to his fellow, in a language which I know better than my left hand! He was talking about me! Something  I dont want to write here!!

I came out from the shop, and put up a status describing the same in Facebook!

I saw some shameless kashmiris eating today at central market, and no guilt at all.. Little did they know I understood what they were saying..

Then, one of my friends pointed out that:
oh :( if only they are Malaysians, police would have jailed them.

Apparently, Malaysian police jails local Muslim Malays if they see them eating during a day of fasting! Three Cheers For Malaysia!!

Next time, I would go to his ear and tell him in Kashmiri:

"Kyahaz Jinab Roze Cha Maaf?"
(Excuse Me Sir, You Exempted From Fasting Is It?)

Alex Smart Said, " A guy who doesnt fast is known as a DehelDwoos in Kashmiri Language"