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The Kashmiri Who Didnt Fast | A story

Ramadhan, a month of blessing and good deeds. A month where Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to dusk entirely for the pleasure of Allah SWT. 

A few days back, I happened to go Jalan-Jalan, a Malay term for roaming around, walking around, exploring. I chose my destination to be a particular place called as Central Market, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. I chose it because I had some memories associated with it. In my last visit to Malaysia with my parents, we had gone shopping to this place, and ever since I came to Malaysia to study, I didnt get a chance to visit the place. 

I went there by the LRT system and my good old two legs. LRT is a transport which is similar to a metro train, all electromagnetic and stuff!!

I went in, and a cold blast of Air-Conditioner made me feel comfortable. Malaysia isnt a cold country you see! If you ever decide to do jalan-jalan, make sure the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Unfortunately for me, today the heat was on!!!! Panasnyaaaaa (Malay for wicked hot!)

I went inside, roamed around for a while, casually peeking into the eating places, then looking at the watch time and again! Dusk was still far, as far as China!

Whaao!! Kashmiri Shop!

I went inside, to be greeted by a particularly familiar "Welcome" in a much more familiar accent!
I started looking around, careful not to disclose my identity as their fellow brothren! My little bit knowledge of Malay helped me in disguising my true identity as I started saying stuff in Malay. 

I peeked behind a shelf full of Kashmiri shawls, the place where the delicious aroma of the chicken was coming from! I pretended I was looking at the shawls. I saw this Kashmiri guy, maybe 21 years old, happily munching rice and chicken! He didnt look sick to me, and as a guy, I wouldnt expect him to be suffering from the condition by which ladies are exempted to fast! He had his ear pierced, and wore a black T Shirt! A smile of disgust appeared on my face!

He started talking to his fellow, in a language which I know better than my left hand! He was talking about me! Something  I dont want to write here!!

I came out from the shop, and put up a status describing the same in Facebook!

I saw some shameless kashmiris eating today at central market, and no guilt at all.. Little did they know I understood what they were saying..

Then, one of my friends pointed out that:
oh :( if only they are Malaysians, police would have jailed them.

Apparently, Malaysian police jails local Muslim Malays if they see them eating during a day of fasting! Three Cheers For Malaysia!!

Next time, I would go to his ear and tell him in Kashmiri:

"Kyahaz Jinab Roze Cha Maaf?"
(Excuse Me Sir, You Exempted From Fasting Is It?)

Alex Smart Said, " A guy who doesnt fast is known as a DehelDwoos in Kashmiri Language"

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Scheme For 10th Class Examination JKBOSE


Thursday, August 19, 2010

When A Car Gets Stuck in Mud: Downsloping

Just another day at the university, a day full of going to one class, looking at the slides, then coming out happy, only to feel sad upon reaching the next class, classes of pure one and a half hour of torture. Then comes the lunch hour, when we are not allowed to have lunch now, until some 20 more days. I recieved a call. A friend's car had stuck in mud, so I heroically went to rescue the car. Have a look:

After 20 cruel minutes of trying to apply Newtonian laws to the rubbery-circular tyre, which kept on skidding as badly as the great skid of China, we finally gave up and went back. Hoping things to dry up soon, I last saw the car being taken in by a tow-truck!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Omar forgives Abdul Ahad Jan | Shoe Pelting Episode

Our Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Tuesday pardoned suspended Head Constable Abdul Ahad Jan who had flung a shoe towards him during I-Day function.
The chief minister also asked police to withdraw cases against Jan. Releasing him on extremely compassionate grounds, Omar called Jan to his residence and gave him a patient hearing after which he directed the police authorities to release him immediately.
Omar said “the Holy month of Ramadan teaches us to be compassionate and to forgive everyone. My steps are in conformity with the teachings of Islam which does not teach hatred but only love and brotherhood.”
Ahad Jan when he walked out of the Chief Minister’s private office at his residence was overwhelmed with the Chief Minister’s gesture and was in tears and thanked the Chief Minister.
The shoe flung by Jan missed the target but an unfazed Omar referred to the incident in his speech and said “It is the best way to protest. It is better to raise slogans and hurl shoes but avoid stone pelting.”

Check the video of the shoe pelting here.

My new classification of teachers

Until today, I used to classify teachers as:
1) One who knows the subject and one who doesnt.
2) One who cant teach and one who can.

Today in this specific engineering class, I thought of another addition to the grand shame list.

3) One who has high IQ, and one who has low. (Based on the intelligence.)

So this is what happened today.. I have recently bought this shiny new book for the subject and tend to move it around in my hands and take it to each class. It saves me extra sheets of paper, as my note taking goes directly in the white spaces around the textual matter. So this guy is teaching "Video and Time", basically the way timelines are kept in digital videos. So what he said was:

00:00:00:00 is used to display time,
where 00 : 00(hour) : 00(minute) : 00(seconds)

which means a number of 00:01:45:23 would mean 1 hour, 45 minutes and 23 seconds.


I wondered. Whats the first 00 for??? Days???? A video timeline showing days? Impossible right?

Then I quickly flipped the pages in my book, and reached the particular chapter. Well, the guy had obviously forgotten how the timeline is supposed to go.. I stopped his lecture and pointed out the mistake. My class mates agreed with me.. The correction was

00(hour) : 00(minutes) : 00(seconds) : 00(frames)

What he had forgotten was the frames part of the time sequence, I dont blame his lack of knowledge for that, a simple thing like that can just miss your brain sometimes.

Oh! btw this is not the reason why I had to bring the third classification into my system. Read on!

Later in the class (around 5 minutes later), he was pointing out some flaws in some timing systems, where a lag can take place in the video, bad stuff can happen bla bla bla... And again he forgot the frames part.

HE AGAIN MADE THE SAME MISTAKE. How can a person be so ________________?

Everyone started looking at each other! I turned to the guy at my left, and shook my head.

Everyone else in the class was giggling, no one even dared to point it out again, as strange as it may seem, the lecturer was somehow succeeding (in his own relativity filled world) in explaing the 30 second lapse for a single tiny-tiny frame which lasts for a fraction of a second, not half a minute...!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Video | Shoe Thrown at Omar Abdullah | YouTube | Abdul Ahad Jan

Abdul Ahad Jan throws a shoe at Omar Abdullah | CM Jammu and Kashmir

Sunday, August 8, 2010

RAF in Kashmir | United Nations


RAF forces wearing UN head shields....... When RAF will be bombarded with stones, Indian media will capture the same and show it as BREAKING NEWS:- UN forces being stone pelted in Kashmir, dont they deserve to be killed, These people can do anythng to justify the killings here....... JAI HO BHARTIYA SARKAR........

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Independence Day for Kashmir | Swaminomics

A brilliant article on Times Of India, please click on the title to reach the original content.
On August 15 some decades back, India celebrated independence from the British. But Kashmiris staged a hartal demanding independence from India. A day symbolising the end of colonialism in India thus became a day symbolising Indian colonialism in the Valley.

As a liberal, I dislike ruling people against their will, however complex the politics involved. True, nation-building is a difficult and complex exercise, and initial resistance can give way to the integration of regional aspirations into a larger national identity — the end of Tamil secessionism was a classical example of this.

I was once hopeful of Kashmir's integration, but after six decades of effort, Kashmiri alienation looks greater than ever. True, India seeks to integrate with Kashmir, not rule it colonially. Yet, the parallels between British rule in India and Indian rule in Kashmir have become too close for my comfort. I cant see any difference in British ruling over India and Indian ruling over Kashmir.

However, many Indians say that Kashmir legally became an integral part of India when the maharaja of the state signed the instrument of accession. Alas, such legalisms become irrelevant when ground realities change. Indian kings and princes, including the Mughals, acceded to the British Raj. The documents they signed became irrelevant when Indians launched an independence movement.

The British insisted for a long time that India was an integral part of their Empire, the jewel in its crown, and would never be given up. Imperialist Blimps remained in denial for decades. I fear we are in similar denial on Kashmir.

The politically correct story of the maharaja's accession ignores a devastating parallel event. Just as Kashmir had a Hindu maharaja ruling over a Muslim majority, Junagadh had a Muslim nawab ruling over a Hindu majority. The Hindu maharaja acceded to India, and the Muslim nawab to Pakistan.

But while India claimed that the Kashmiri accession to India was sacred, it did not accept Junagadh's accession to Pakistan. India sent troops into Junagadh, just as Pakistan sent troops into Kashmir. The difference was that Pakistan lacked the military means to intervene in Junagadh, while India was able to send troops into Srinagar. The Junagadh nawab fled to Pakistan, whereas the Kashmir maharaja sat tight. India's double standard on Junagadh and Kashmir was breathtaking.

Do you think the people of Junagadh would have integrated with Pakistan after six decades of genuine Pakistani effort? No? Then can you really be confident that Kashmiris will stop demanding azaadi and integrate with India?

The British came to India uninvited. By contrast, Sheikh Abdullah, the most popular politician in Kashmir, supported accession to India subject to ratification by a plebiscite. But his heart lay in independence for Kashmir, and he soon began manoeuvering towards that end. He was jailed by Nehru, who then declared Kashmir's accession was final and no longer required ratification by a plebiscite. The fact that Kashmir had a Muslim majority was held to be irrelevant, since India was a secular country empowering citizens through democracy.

Alas, democracy in Kashmir has been a farce for most of six decades. The rot began with Sheikh Abdullah in 1951: he rejected the nomination papers of almost all opponents, and so won 73 of the 75 seats unopposed! Nehru was complicit in this sabotage of democracy.

Subsequent state elections were also rigged in favour of leaders nominated by New Delhi. Only in 1977 was the first fair election held, and was won by the Sheikh. But he died after a few years, and rigging returned in the 1988 election. That sparked the separatist uprising which continues to gather strength today.

Many Indians point to long episodes of peace in the Valley and say the separatists are just a noisy minority. But the Raj also had long quiet periods between Gandhian agitations, which involved just a few lakhs of India's 500 million people. One lakh people joined the Quit India movement of 1942, but 25 lakh others joined the British Indian army to fight for the Empire's glory.

Blimps cited this as evidence that most Indians simply wanted jobs and a decent life. The Raj built the biggest railway and canal networks in the world. It said most Indians were satisfied with economic development, and that independence was demanded by a noisy minority. This is uncomfortably similar to the official Indian response to the Kashmiri demand for azaadi.

Let me not exaggerate. Indian rule in Kashmir is not classical colonialism. India has pumped vast sums into Kashmir, not extracted revenue as the Raj did. Kashmir was among the poorest states during the Raj, but now has the lowest poverty rate in India. It enjoys wide civil rights that the Raj never gave. Some elections — 1977, 1983 and 2002 — were perfectly fair.

India has sought integration with Kashmir, not colonial rule. But Kashmiris nevertheless demand azaadi. And ruling over those who resent it so strongly for so long is quasi-colonialism, regardless of our intentions.

We promised Kashmiris a plebiscite six decades ago. Let us hold one now, and give them three choices: independence, union with Pakistan, and union with India. Almost certainly the Valley will opt for independence. Jammu will opt to stay with India, and probably Ladakh too. Let Kashmiris decide the outcome, not the politicians and armies of India and Pakistan.

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The Kashmiri Protests Are The Screams Against Inhumanity | 2010 IMAGES

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Syed Ali Shah Geelani Says

Source: FaceBook, Date: 5th August 2010. Transcript of a Press Conference

“This is a painful appeal that I want to make to my oppressed nation, especially to the young people.

If they are impatient to see that this movement reaches its logical goal, then we are even more impatient to see this struggle reach that end.

That is why I want to appeal to people that they act according to our advice and suggestions.

In no circumstances should they act outside of our suggestions and direction.

I want to assure them, and give guarantees, that if you follow these suggestions, we will be able to achieve our purpose, and liberate our nation from Indian military occupation.

It is important that people trust us, and we trust the people. And the result of that trust should be that they must act according to the directions that reach them from us.

Now it is easy to understand, and please try to understand this, till now the people who have been martyred, and it is only our people who have been martyred, almost 50 of them, till yesterday there were 44, and today there are 6 more, these are our people. They include women, children—children of fragile age, the blossoming buds. These un-blossomed flowers have been crushed. You must see that no CRPF or a policeman has been killed in return. They may get injured, but none of them was killed.
We have to see that through our own actions, we are harming ourselves. It is not harming those against whom we are struggling, against whose forced occupation we are fighting. If we are harming ourselves, and not them, must we not reflect on this? We must coolly think about this, and understand, that we have to carry forward our movement peacefully.

I hope, wish, and would want that people should, in letter and spirit, act on this: that wherever peaceful demonstrations are stopped, people must sit down, and tell them to shoot if they can, tell them we will wait for their bullets with our chests bare. This should be the way we act.

Burnings and laying siege has no part to play in our movement. It will only hurt our movement. Some people burn government offices or damage railway stations, or do other destructive actions; they might just be reactions, against Indian coercion, against India’s military assault, against merciless murder and mayhem that India has launched. But even in reaction, we must take care not to hurt our fundamental principle.

Even our reaction must be honorable.

In every situation our actions must reflect who we are as a people. We are oppressed. We are not like the oppressors. And we must bring out, and underline this oppression that has been inflicted upon us. And this struggle should demonstrate our moral conduct and its superiority over brute force.

The world must know that our conduct is good, that we treat our non-Muslim brothers well and with respect. Some person has cut hair of a Sikh son. It has absolutely no connection with out movement. Our movement is not communalistic.

We are fighting for a cause, a pious cause. I have said it repeatedly that I see my work in this movement as a pious effort. That I speak to you now I see as a work of piety. That I spend time in jail is a matter of faithful devotion. This cause is so sacred that every step I take, every word I say, and every word I write, is a matter of worship for me. Allah considers actions in the way of this pious cause as holy prayer. For me then this whole movement is a matter of worship, where I am playing my own role as a worshipper.

That is why I want to sincerely implore our young people to consider the movement as worship, and carry it forward like one. And if we do that Allah will help us carry our movement to its logical end.

I pay tribute, from the depths of my heart, to all those who have been martyred. I pray to Allah that their sacrifice be accepted, and in lieu of their sacrifice may He liberate us from this oppression and tyranny. And those who are wounded and are lying in the hospitals may Allah heal them and give them a new life; may Allah give patience to their relatives who are suffering as well.

To carry this struggle forward with moral character may we all stand unite and speak with one voice. The entire nation has demonstrated mutual trust, and declared resoundingly that we stand united. People have supported whole-heartedly the Hurriyat Conference program. We thank them very much. We thank the Traders Federation, the employees, the workers, the women, and everyone else, who has supported our program, and sacrificed for the movement. They have sacrificed with their lives and wealth. We hear from newspaper reports of how CRPF and the police barge into houses, break windows, molest women. This is an old saga of oppression, which the Indian government is repeating in Kashmir.

We must let India know that this oppression is not going to be useful to them in any way. They will have to, sooner or later, lift this oppression. We will liberate ourselves from their military occupation.”

We will snatch freedom from India.

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Latest Pictures From Kashmir- 4 August 2010


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Latest Pictures From Kashmir - 2 August 2010