Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bharat Bandh | While people fall like leaves in Kashmir

On the 5th of July, 2010,  ie yesterday, all the mighty news channels of India were busy telecasting the "Bharat Bandh", which is thought to be a bandh of a magnitude which never took place since the fight for independence. (A major grammatical error here, but makes sense for me).The entire Indian population protested against the rise of prices of Petroleum and associated products. Bharat here refers to "India" and Bandh refers to "Strike/Protest/Closure".

 In Gujrat, the local people burnt buses, tyres, and excessively damaged public property. Violence continued steeply as the sun reached its zenith. Similar incidents were reported to occur in other parts of the country, inclduing New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chandigarh. Elsewhere, the politicians were busy holding press confereces, giving details about how the government will be affected by this strike, and that they are useless financial brains that resulted in this price increase. Whatever the politics behind, my point isnt what it is!

 Clearly, India doesnt consider Kashmir a part of itself, inspite of the claims that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Well, thats great news for Kashmiris, India is slowly removing Kashmir from its maps. No channel even mentioned about the protest in Kashmir.

Clearly, a protest for prices is more important than a protest for human rights, and the right to freedom. Welcome to India, the so called secular democratic republic

 The previous days can be termed as " Dark Days of Cold Blooded Murder in the Modern Age ", so many innocent people, particularly teenagers, have been ruthlessly murdered by the people wearing the Indian Army uniform! Just because they wanted to protest too..

 My question is, why wasnt a bullet shot yesterday, when Indian Hindus, who are associated with NDA, damaged public property. Why are people killed in Kashmir only. I am aware of a proverb, :Man dying a dogs death, but considering the recent killings in Kashmir, it can be aptly changed to:

 Dogs are afraid to go out in Kashmir, lest they die a man's death! 

 A question remains unanswered!