Saturday, July 31, 2010

Qada' and Qadar | All about destiny

It really fascinates me that people can actually misuse the terms Qada’ and Qadar and unite them in an attempt at killing themselves.
Yes, mind you, I had used the word killing themselves i.e. suicide. In fact, it’s so often and badly associated with wrong ideas that I feel that it’s more of an abuse than a misuse!

Take the instance of a dialogue between two men, one advising the other to do regular medical checkup. The other simply cuts all his speech by saying that such issues are of Qada’ and Qadar. Meaning to say, he doesn’t want to know if he is diseased or healthy, he just wants to accept it as it is. If he happens to be diseased, he’d prefer to die suddenly, perhaps without a warning or to prepare his family, or even himself as he heads to a world where all
his deeds would be cut but for three things, as the Hadeeth states, that when a son of Adam dies, cut is all his deeds but for three, a pious son who prays for him, beneficial knowledge that he imparted, and a “’amal

In another light, no doctor can tell you when or where you’re going to die. Neither I suppose can any saintly man, or an astrologer, as it is Allah SWT with whom rests the knowledge of the "Al-Gaib"- the unseen.

With a few precious warnings however, you might be able to change your life and those around you. It is true, no one but Allah knows when you will die and if He wills it so, you may die with a very common and curable infection. The difference however, may be reflected by a Hadeeth stating that, “For every malady, a remedy, save death”. So we should strive to save ourselves, and prevent damage to our body while Allah still wills that we live. 

Also, we’d want people to pray for us if we find out we’re all ill. As we know, a parent’s prayer for his child and a child’s prayer for his parent is not rejected by Allah. Though Allah Has pre-determined the time of our death, it’s been also said that prayer can postpone our death by some time. Knowing all of this, how dare we say that it’s not in our hands to alter some part of our future? The bottom line is, we still dont know about it.

Qada’ and Qadar is definitely a very confusing issue. To imagine that no matter what choice we make or alter, we are still within the limits set by Allah for us and that we are within His Plan is fantastic. But we must remember the characteristics of Islam, and recall that within some rigid laws we also have flexibility. This concept of flexibility, within a limit, tells us that while we might have to accept whatever happens to us, we must still try to improve the situation in ways Allah approves of.

We can’t sit down awaiting our death, we can’t blindly go in the middle of the road without looking around and say
it’s Qada and Qadar that decides whether you get hit by a car or not. Where’s your preparation, where’s your supplements for Allah to protect you, where’s your simple effort of looking right and left before you cross a road?

If everything is so pre-decided, then why are you here in this world? Why would you be punished for your sins, if you think that it is prewritten what you are going to do..
What is left for you to do?


Qazi Mamoon adds :

Imagine a school teacher, who after looking at different students, comes to know that which students will get an A and which one will fail. Ofcourse the teacher knows this beforehand, much earlier than the result, but that doesnt mean it cant be changed. It is upto the student to change his destiny. I would like to point out that all Paulo Coelho Muslim readers must carefully examine each and every point. I have seen many people who swear by Paulo Coelho on issues of destiny, hope and life. An advise would be to read his books, with a constant cross-checking with Islamic concepts..

Monday, July 26, 2010

The second week in this semester

I have now started to learn how to make mobile applications, bye bye to my engineering stuff avoiding days, and bye bye to my happy blogging days. Things are going to get rough this semester.. See you people never... You imaginary people who always read my blog!!! :)

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And then they will shoot him dead | Images | Funny


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Latest Recent Pictures from Kashmir | Pictures

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6th July 2010 | When four people died in Kashmir | Photos


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bharat Bandh | While people fall like leaves in Kashmir

On the 5th of July, 2010,  ie yesterday, all the mighty news channels of India were busy telecasting the "Bharat Bandh", which is thought to be a bandh of a magnitude which never took place since the fight for independence. (A major grammatical error here, but makes sense for me).The entire Indian population protested against the rise of prices of Petroleum and associated products. Bharat here refers to "India" and Bandh refers to "Strike/Protest/Closure".

 In Gujrat, the local people burnt buses, tyres, and excessively damaged public property. Violence continued steeply as the sun reached its zenith. Similar incidents were reported to occur in other parts of the country, inclduing New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chandigarh. Elsewhere, the politicians were busy holding press confereces, giving details about how the government will be affected by this strike, and that they are useless financial brains that resulted in this price increase. Whatever the politics behind, my point isnt what it is!

 Clearly, India doesnt consider Kashmir a part of itself, inspite of the claims that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Well, thats great news for Kashmiris, India is slowly removing Kashmir from its maps. No channel even mentioned about the protest in Kashmir.

Clearly, a protest for prices is more important than a protest for human rights, and the right to freedom. Welcome to India, the so called secular democratic republic

 The previous days can be termed as " Dark Days of Cold Blooded Murder in the Modern Age ", so many innocent people, particularly teenagers, have been ruthlessly murdered by the people wearing the Indian Army uniform! Just because they wanted to protest too..

 My question is, why wasnt a bullet shot yesterday, when Indian Hindus, who are associated with NDA, damaged public property. Why are people killed in Kashmir only. I am aware of a proverb, :Man dying a dogs death, but considering the recent killings in Kashmir, it can be aptly changed to:

 Dogs are afraid to go out in Kashmir, lest they die a man's death! 

 A question remains unanswered!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Go India Go Back! Part II | Images

Go India Go Back!

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Cold Blooded Murder | Recent Kashmir Protests | Video