Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saania Siddiqui

Saania Siddiqui is an inexperienced young lady, who happens to be interested in everything. She hopes to make a difference in the world- starting with you. 

 She has seen people from all over the world, who in position of an argument between two religions escape by saying “all religions in the world are the same” or alternatively “all Gods exist” or even all “all Gods are one”. That’s a very interesting view to take and it has been a challenge to her to prove them otherwise or shed light on some new views. 

She is also interested in myths and legendary figures. In her part of the world, everything seems to take a new look every second. Sometimes she tends to think  she is crazy, but over time she has learnt that it makes her very human. It’s always a pleasure meeting others. 

She happens to be non-Kashmiri.


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