Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Real Story of the Amarnath Yatra!

Amarnath is the name given by Hindus to a cave in one of the moutains of South Kashmir. Hindus believe that Shiva,one of their Gods is housed or seated in this cave. This cave has not been mentioned in any of their religious scriptures, but is being projected by the Government of India as one of the most important Hindu religious destinations. 
This cave was discovered in 19th century by a local Gujjar Butta Malik accidently. This discovery was given a religious Hindu colour by the Hindu Dogra Tyrants, who were ruling Kashmir during that period, only to attach Hindu sentiment to their brutal and repressive regime in Kashmir. Local Muslims were forced to become porters and labourers, to help Hindus trek through the treacherous terrain to reach this cave. Muslims were punished with death if they ever refused to cooperate with the Hindu tyrants and their local Kashmiri Pandit henchmen. This cave has been used as a tool to oppress the Kashmiri Muslims and is a big symbol of Hindu rule in Kashmir.
Although this cave has no religious significance attached to it, but still it is projected as the most important and sacred sites of Hindu religion by the Government of India for its sinister interests on the patterns of Zionist ideology of Israel viz., Palestine. Thus Kashmir has been turned into the de-facto Palestine of South Asia.
Amarnath Yatra (Pilgrimage) was previously a low profile religious ritual of few thousand Kashmiri Hindu Pandits. Since last two decades Government of India has used Amarnath Yata as an important tool to enforce its illegal occupation of Kashmir. More and more people are pushed into the Kashmir valley in the garb of this pilgrimage (Yatra). 
In 2008 a sinister attempt was made to grab a very big chunk of the forest land in and around the Cave on the pretext of construction of facilities for Hindu pilgrims. Land was illegally transfered to the Amarnath Shrine Board which overlooks the affairs of this pilgrimage and C.E.O of that board is Indian appointed Hindu "Governor" of Kashmir. After the massive public outcry in Kashmir over the land grab and after immense sacrifices, Indian government was forced to cancel the illegal land grab order. But to force India to rescind that order, more than 60 innocent Kashmiri Muslims lost their lives to Indian bullets.

Amarnath Yatra poses a great threat to the ecology of this region. River Lidder which is an important asset of Kashmir is being polluted, forests are being cut, glaciers are being run over by pilgrims, dead pilgrims are burnt and thrown into the water bodies of the region, polythene is thrown everywhere, urine and human waste is drained into river Lidder, alcoholism, drug addiction and nudity by Hindu Priests is seen everywhere in the area during the Yatra days.

Amarnath yatra previously was restricted to few days of the year but Indian occupiers have extended the time frame of the Yatra to three months. By extending the period of the yatra, India is covertly trying to alter the demography of Kashmir and to facilitate the cultural adulteration of this region. Its extension and influx hundreds of thousands of Hindu Pilgrims (Yatris) into the region has damaged the local ecology to the unrepairable levels. Our mountain glaciers are melting at a faster rate.

This unimportant Hindu pilgrimage is used by India for: