Monday, June 21, 2010

My first steps in Kashmir | June 20th 2010

Its been one year, roughly 400 days of staying away from my family, from my home, from my inner self. This thought raced through my mind when I was stepping down from the plane at Srinagar Airport. A smile came on my face, I looked down, smelled the air ; still the same smell, looks like nothing has changed. A man behind me took out his phone, and started talking in Kashmiri. One more smile, and a wave of energy and anxiousness floated in my body. I was home, finally! After all the dreaming I had done in the travel, about how my mom would hug me, or how embarrassed I will be, the moment was finally here! After a couple of steps, I would be seeing my parents. I missed them so much! Everyone does. Hostel life is not much of a cake, but home is still where my heart is. Kashmir! I missed you.

Today is the longest day of the year, June 21, and I get to spend all that extra time in my home. How lucky can I get?

But strange as it may seem, I have started to miss Malaysia too. I got too used to the culture, which even though not as deep as Kashmiri culture, but I believe much better, judging based on the level of Islam in peoples heads.

 My internet is working at home. I will try to blog everyday now. Nothing much to do, while staying at home, when other people, other youngsters, are fighting off the Indian Army, I am here to do my part of the battle online.