Sunday, June 20, 2010

Malaysian Airlines | Hospitality with a shoe

This was actually before my last post, when I was still in Malaysia, when I had just entered the grand KLIA, the nicest airport of them all, with soft spoken people, and no strange looking heavily moustached men trying to search for a gun in your bladder. I was a bit late, not late as in freakishly late (which if my mom comes to know about, she will make me Late Qazi Mamoon). I went to the self (automatic) check in machine near Malaysian Airlines counter, put my e-ticket number in, then scanned my passport, only to give the modern wonder a chance to display "Sorry, Your Check-In Could Not Be Done, Please Go To The Counter". Yeah, the old fashioned way is less scarier, you just give them the passport and the ticket and smile, nod at whatever they say, frown when they frown. She looked a bit puzzled too, called her boss twice and blabberred something into the phone piece.

After a minute or so, she came back with my boarding pass, and muttered in a polite voice, "Sir, the plane is full, so we have to put you into Business Class"

OMG, WHAT? WERE MY EARS RINGING? No, that was her phone ringing again, but my ears tuned into another station, Channel Business Class, sleep-and-eat-and-enjoy-class. My moment of happiness was roughly obstructed by her voice, which now seemed tiny and unimportant, "Sir, Please submit you baggage at Counter C"

I moved with my head held high, with my nose tucked in, and a new aroma of luck around me. I moved slowly to the Counter C, wanting to wave my boarding pass at the other losers in Economy.

I put my luggage on the machine, and it read 23 kgs, which is normal for a guy like me. The strange looking gay guy looked at me, head to toe, and questioned me, "Sir, Do you have a jacket?". I said, "Yeah, I do", as I put on my rap style jacket with a hood which could pass for an ancestor to batmans hood. He said, "Can! Are you wearing shoes?"

What? Shoes? No I am not... I dont like shoes.. I was wearing BATA leather slippers. I told I was not. I asked him why?

He replied, "I am sorry sir, you cannot wear slippers inside the business class, it is our policy"
I said," Well, I am not carrying any shoes, so what does that mean? I cant go? Cant you give me a shoe? (lol)"
He replied, " I am sorry sir, I have to demote you to Economy class again".

I had to save my pride, I said, "Ok! Sure, do whatever you want to do, doesnt make any difference for me", while inside I was crying, tears of joy turned into tears of economy class, with cramped seats and crazy Indians asking for Liquor everytime they see a steward..

This was when I was Business Class from Counter E to Counter D, I loved it... :)

Note: Next time, I am wearing shoes, and I will carry a tie, and carry my business card around. Thank You Very Much! Look at my shocked face on the counter, about to be demoted to Economy again.. Shikass!