Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kashmir Blog | I am scared to blog

Its all going well so far, Alhamdulillah! I managed to buy a domain name, put up cool new sections to Kashmiri Songs and Islamic Downloads. There are couple of must watch videos on my YouTube Channel. I got the links to previous 12th class papers (Kashmir) which I posted recently here.  I already have four more talented writers submitting their opinions and writeups and as of now, the data shows 21,644 unique page views this year alone, amounting to about 49142 pageviews since I installed the tracking code.My online venture in 2006 looks a success now, contrary to what many people thought as a waste of time when I first started 'Blogging'. I was 17 years old, having passed my 10th class exams, heading out to face the cruel world. Now, some of my articles got published in a local paper KashmirLife, which makes me really happy whenever I think of that. Basically, its going fine, but somewhere deep inside, I know, and I regret putting all those thoughts online. While I may scream and keep shouting for the freedom of speech here, (nicely censored ofcourse ;)), but I know, that in real life, thats not how things are. People are cuffed, their tongues are burnt, their pens are shoved down their throats. People are killed, burnt alive, women are oppressed, children are run over. Its all a land of injustice and tyranny and a great misfortune lays dormant on the fertile soils of the valley. I am really thankful to Allah, for protecting me from all the chaos that is there. Alhamdulillah.

Many asked me about the guy on the left of the header image, people asked me, "Is that Alex Smart?"
Well, smart he is, but not Alex Smart, (who is my alter ego, tq for wondering); he is but a common Kashmiri, a smart common guy from Kashmir.

He is a Muslim, which should explain his beard. His eyes should explain how frightened he is, and all the sorrow inside, after having seen 21 years of blood-shed, and communal hatred running deep in the veins of the city. Finally the cap reflects that Kashmir is damn cold place and that you should fully clothed in here (Listen to that, oh bikini wearing babes..)  Welcome to Kashmir, gentlemen!

Yup here he is, my own Koshur Pinta..
I may start to look like him in a couple of years. But right now I have only one word,