Sunday, June 13, 2010

Israel attacks Flotilla | Gaza Attack

This story is all made up but I would call it partial fiction (much like the movie Titanic), but with proper references taken from everywhere I could find. 

My name was Ismaiel Abdul Rehman, and I was from Turkey. I wanted to help, sure I did. I filled in all the forms, took care of all the prerequisites. Finally, I was there at Cyprus where the mighty ships awaited us, to take us to a land where poverty, death and disaster rules. I was happy, I was finally getting a chance to serve the people. At the port I saw roughly 600 more people; doctors, priests, volunteers, basically all peace activists. It was such a joy to watch all humanity come together in service for our ailing brothren in Gaza. I was to travel in this ship called "Mavi Marmara". It looked magnificient, but not as grand as the Titanic, the movie that has always amazed me about sea travel.

Before boarding the vessel I met this guy, who claimed he was working for Al-Jazeera, which he was, as I later saw all the equipment that he was travelling with. If I remember correctly he gave me his name as Jamal Elshayyal.

Finally, we were in! My first chance to travel by sea, and a wonderful opportunity to help people. There was as much 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid in all these ships. All headed for Gaza, all headed to seve the people. I myself didnt bother to carry much  stuff, just the basic toilettries, shampoo, towels and clothes to hand on my withered old body.

The time seemed to fly fast, finally as the captain announced that there were 65 km left for us to reach Gaza, something happened. We were still in international waters at that time. I saw some troops violently boarding the ship. The troops opened fire as soon as they stormed in. I heard the guy Jamal scream into the microphone; he was trying to contact Al-Jazeera. Suddenly, one of the guys from the troops came and damaged the instrument and I heard him shout in Hebrew "Everyone shut up".

I stood up, tried to run, but amongst all the pushing, firing and the chaos, but I fell down. I am old man, I cant even  remember the last time I was even thinking of running. My feet were pereplexed at this sudden instruction from the brain, they werent strong enough and I fell down. Right in front of a troops, who raised his gun high above his head, and the last thing I remember is a violent blow to my head, and then darkness all around..
..Every One of you shut up!

Now I am not here, with you. Sadly, I died, and all the aid was wasted. Why would someone do that? WHY??

I saw the headlines, everyone was protesting, why shouldnt they? But look what I found in one paper:

Caught off-guard by the violent attacks of the “peace activists,” the Israeli commandos were compelled to use firearms in self-defense.    Source:

Why would Israel say that?? To justify the killings I suppose, but it is Allah who is the Best Judge, and Who knows everyting.

Sura 26:227
“Except those who believe, work righteousness, engage much in the remembrance of God, and defend themselves only after they are unjustly attacked. And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!”

With Good Intentions
Qazi Mamoon Ashraf