Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Israel and Palestine Story

Dad: Okay Son, I'm the Israeli and you're the Palestinian. Time for a story.
Son: Okay Dad,
Dad: I come into your house holding a big gun and I want to rob you.
Son: Okay...
Dad: You hit me on the head with a toothbrush! How dare you! So I shoot you and it's self-defense, because I had to save myself. So you see it makes perfect sense. I'm the attacker and I'm the one with the gun so you should obey my commands. How dare you hit me with your toothbrush! For that you must die!

And so the son was shot right on the head, and dead.

Israelis are damn smart. They think they are damn right. They think others are fools.

And yesterday they defended their raid on the flotilla of six ships carrying 10,000 tonnes of aid to Gaza, killing up to 16 UNARMED civilians and wounding 30 others, by claiming that these people were carrying sharp objects (Sharp Objects? What Scissors?).

That's inhumane and their defence is a ridiculous bullshit. We all can tell.
But what do we do for the sake of God for those who were killed and are oppressed by these damn smart and damn right troops?


How could we!

We can sit back on concentrate hard on the FIFA 2010 world cup coming up, but cant we take a moment to pray for Palestine, to pray for all the people whose lives were lost.

Source: My friend Trini