Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greater Kashmir is was a copy cat, and will remain a copy cat.

Something is wrong, usually I dont blog twice on the same day, and yet I wanted to share this so quickly, that I managed to create a mess, all before some guy from GK reads it and then plans to correct it.

"Greater Kashmir" is the so-called most popular paper in Kashmir, but we can have better. Let me show you what I found in their online junk yard, neatly copy pasted by the geeks they hire.

I was reading this page, usually people dont, but  I do. You can read it too at

When you visit that page, have a look at what I found in the 6th line of the first paragraph under TERMS:

which may be given by means including, but not limited to, posting on Interactive, or by electronic or conventional mail, or by any other means by which Subscriber obtains notice thereof.

I wondered, GK Interactive?? When did they start calling themselves that? I removed the GreaterKashmir part, and did a quick but nasty google search, you can look at the search yourself here.

Well, then I found out that they had copied the stuff from
But poor people, they forgot to remove the Interactive thingy which lay in front of "Schiebel", only for me smartypants to have a look...

I know its a small thing to notice, but I am proud that I was the one to again show the copy cats that they are ummm copy cats.

Its not the first time I am writing something aganst GK. I used to write about the billions of ads in the paper and everything else. Mostly out of jealousy, like the time I saw the tag [Citation Needed] on their print edition, which actually proved they copied the stuff from WikiPedia and didnt have the common sense to remove the thing, or maybe even sufficient knowledge in English.

Oh and this is the jealous post I was talking about:

Greater Kashmir's long legs!

That also sums it up for Kashmiri people, lazy !!!