Friday, June 25, 2010

The aroma of the wonderful Seekh-e-Tuj

I am visiting Kashmir, and that means a lot of visits by relatives and friends, brining all sorts of resources into the house, which may include Rani juice cans (naya fashion hai kuch yahan). Well, that is the summary of the first day. The next day, I spent whole of my time at home, reading books in my room, partially because my mother didnt allow me to go out of my home, thus creating  an imaginary curfew inside my own home.

She has her reasons, obviouslly. I cant go out with the other youth and participate in all the rallies, and the walks, and the stone pelting. My mom thinks I am too precious and too sensitive for all that stuff. Well, little does she know that I play counter strike as ruthlessly as possible. But thats computers, and thats where I belong. So I dont complain much.

Finally, yesterday, all appeared normal. People said the cars were moving, and so were the buses, and that all the shops were open, children were walking, and the tuitions centres were running full house. I saw an opportunity, it was a good news for me.

I hastily took off, reached the most famous eating place in Sringar, near the famous Khyber Heart Center. Yes, Khayam; filled with the lovely appetizing aroma of the grand and majestic Seekh-e-Tuj- Golden Roasted Yummy Delicious Babecued Pieces of Tongue Pleasing Meat Blobs, with a chutney that I am not allowed to eat. Eiishhh.. I went to the most famous shop, easily recognizable by an old man, with a white beard, and a topi (cap), turning the meat-round and round.

Unfortunately my meal proved to be too costly for my liking. Selling at 50 bucks a seekh is not what I call a good buy, having taken two of the tastebud-twicklers; but then I forgot all about it, as my teeth bit into the delicious roasted lamb meat, and my tongue licked the leftovers on my finger.

I went back happy and contented, calculating the cups of coffee I would have gulped down in that amount, and a memory I will never forget. Seekh-e-Tujh anyone.