Friday, May 28, 2010

Why isnt there any compensation for IIUI victims

Syed Muzammil Hussain

The International Islamic University Islamabad was a target of two cruel bomb blasts on Oct.20,2009 killing 
8 and injuring  about 30 students and staff members.The top brass of government expressed their grief over the tragic incident.It was an encouragement for  bereaved families but there was no financial support for them at all.The university  is bearing all expenses of  treatment of  victims.It is very strange that government has not announced any compensation for families of martyrs  and injured  students and employees.One example of  an IIUI sweeper  Pervez Masih may be quoted here who laid his own life and saved  hundreds of innocent female students as he  successfully stopped  the suicide bomber to enter the main hall of the cafeteria .His family is living in very miserable condition because of his death. Although the University has offered his widow an employment but it is not enough.The government should  compensate  his family as well as  other  bereaved families.This is being done all over the country  and the government should not  deprive IIUI victims of this support.Hopefully the authorities would take an immediate action in this regard.Our country is known world  over for philanthropy  as it was in 2005 Earthquake when a think tank of USA openly admitted that Pakistanis were   far ahead of them in helping needy persons although USA always claims to be pioneer in this field.Now the community should also come forward  to help IIUI victims.Media channels (Print and Electronic) should also play their role.