Saturday, February 27, 2010

When a Petrol Station Guy Asked My Phone Number | True Story

Qazi Mamoon |

This story is set in Malaysia, and as you might have read the title, is as much true as the fact that you are breathing right now.

I have a friend who drives to the university in her own car everyday, and this was narrated by her once in a discussion of people  and cultures. I always blamed my own people, Kashmiri people for being the worst, for abusing others rights, and for being so selfish and so stupid bla bla.. Ok.. Back to the story.. My friend stopped to fill petrol at a gas station nearby her home.. A guy who was working at the station started walking towards her car. Normally, the people of a particular country usually work at such places, the immigrants. So this one wasnt exactly resembling his fellow country mates and was much fairer and might have considered himself as a smart and eligible candidate for my friend. So he comes and asks her if she needed oil change, tyre change, car change, whatever.. And after a lot of flirting, finally asked my friend for her phone number... My friend closed the window and sped away..