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Meet the toppers | 12th

The results of class 12th board examinations have been declared. Ibrahim Wani profiles the merit holders at KashmirLife.net

Sidra shaheen
Binish Qadri
Shuja Shabir

All the merit holders in the class 12th results declared on January 20th reflect a story of hard work and diligence. All of them have not only set new benchmarks but also reflect on a new breed of youngsters from the valley with the promise of a bright tomorrow. All of them harbour big dreams of contributing to the society.

Sidra Shaheen who secured a phenomenal 98 percent in the Commerce stream hopes on becoming a Chartered Accountant. A student of the New Convent Higher Secondary School she is currently in Jammu preparing for the Chartered Accountancy entrance exams. She feels that

her performance in the exam is the result of sustained effort through out the year, “I used to study 2-3 hours everyday and wasted no time”. She says that when she chose commerce stream against the popular trend of going with science subjects she wanted to break the convention and show people that there are other career options.

Shuja Shabir –the topper in Science also believes that sustained study through out the year is important. He secured 97.2 percent marks and harbours aims of qualifying for the IITs for which he is undergoing a crash coaching course in Kota, Rajasthan. A student of the Tyndalle Biscoe School, he feels that his parents, teachers and friends had an important role to play, “they supported me through out”.

Shuja has made important observations while attending coaching classes for IIT. He feels that most of the students in Kashmir concentrate on class 11th and 12th marks when they should be preparing for national entrance exams. “The students here start preparing for competitive classes right from the class 11th and don’t give much attention to the board exams. Class 12th Marks are not going to count much. The aim should be that we should learn for the future. Better is to prepare for entrance exams”.

Binish Qadri topped in the arts stream. A student of Government Higher Secondary Kothibagh, she aims to qualify civil services. “I want to serve the society and help people”, says Binish who has an active interest in knowing about history. she was also was also the Student President of her school and participated actively in the co-curricular activities. About her choice of arts as a subject she says, “No subject is inferior to any other subject. Every subject has its scope and importance for the society”.

All the toppers were of the opinion that there is no secret to good performance in an exam other than hardwork and intelligent time management.

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The Movie 2012 and Islam: Kaaba | QaziMamoon.com

Source: http://scifiwire.com/2009/11/5-best-things-2012s-direc.php

In Roland Emmerich's demolition derby movie 2012, the director gets to indulge his passion for destroying landmarks on a world scale.

In previous movies, he's destroyed the Empire State Building and the White House (Independence Day), sent a giant monster into the middle of Manhattan (Godzilla), blown away the famous Hollywood sign and the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles (The Day After Tomorrow) and savaged New York again by flooding and then freezing it (also The Day After Tomorrow).

In 2012, he takes on landmarks in Rome, Rio de Janeiro and, yes, Washington, but there is one place even he couldn't bring himself to obliterate. We caught up with Emmerich in Jackson Hole, Wyo., where he told us why he chose various landmarks to lay waste in 2012, and about the one that got away.

"I always like I think when it feels very new and original," Emmerich said, adding: "Landmarks are always symbols, just symbols. ... They stand for something."

Herewith Emmerich's favorite landmarks destroyed in 2012 and the one he couldn't blow up (click on the images for larger versions). 2012 opens Nov. 13.

The White House



This time around, he has a giant wave striking it. A wave carrying the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy.

"I think my favorite in this one is like the White House destruction," he said. "I didn't want to go there again, and [co-writer/producer] Harald [Kloser] pretty much convinced me that I have to. And then I was brooding for days and days and days, and then I kind of had the idea: ... I've got JFK kind of coming back to the White House, which I thought was ironic."

The Poseidon


Well, not really. It's a cruise ship that rolls over much like the ill-fated ship from The Poseidon Adventure and its recent remake.

"The most striking image for me of any disaster movie was when the ship in Poseidon Adventure rolls over," Emmerich says. "I pay homage to that. ... For me it's always the most striking image of all the disaster movies. Because it's a really big object that rolls over."

The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican


That includes the famous frescoed ceiling by Michelangelo depicting Adam touching fingers with God.

"I always try to come up with what makes sense for the story, you know?" Emmerich says. "And it's not only about the destruction. It has to kind of stand for something. One of my favorite pieces of art is Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel: ... God ... reaches out to Adam, and the crack goes through it. It's just an interesting kind of notion."

St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican


"Why ... don't [we] have the church fall on people's head?" Emmerich said. He added: "The whole Vatican kind of tips and kind of rolls over the people. It said something, because in the story, some people ... believe in praying and prayer, and they pray in front of the church, and it's probably the wrong thing, what they would do in that situation."

Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro


"Because I'm against organized religion," Emmerich says.

The one that was saved


Emmerich said that he got approached by people who wanted their landmarks destroyed, such as the 101 Tower in Taipei, the world's tallest building .

But Emmerich was thinking of something even more explosive: the Kaaba, the cube-shaped building at the heart of Mecca, the focus of prayers and the Islamic pilgrimage called the Hajj; it is one of Islam's holiest sites.


"Well, I wanted to do that, I have to admit," Emmerich says. "But my co-writer Harald said I will not have a fatwa on my head because of a movie. And he was right. ... We have to all ... in the Western world ... think about this. You can actually ... let ... Christian symbols fall apart, but if you would do this with [an] Arab symbol, you would have ... a fatwa, and that sounds a little bit like what the state of this world is. So it's just something which I kind of didn't [think] was [an] important element, anyway, in the film, so I kind of left it out."

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Why do Muslim women veil themselves? | QaziMamoon.com

The modest attire of Muslim women has become so commonplace, that hijab, the Arabic word used to refer to the Islamic dress code, is now commonly used in English. One of the most visible aspects of Islam, hijab is often the subject of controversy as well. Some view it as a sign of the subjugation of Muslim women, while some others see it as an obstacle to the integration of Muslims in Western society.

However, to Muslim women who practice hijab, it represents an act of obedience to God. It also represents a step towards freedom, i.e. freedom from being judged by their looks rather than their intellect.

Modesty – Required of both men and women

A common misconception about hijab is that it is mandated only for women. Hijab is actually mandated for both men and women. The difference lies in how they are required to implement it. The Glorious Qur’an says:

“Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that will make for greater purity for them; and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do. And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; and that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands..."

[Al-Qur'an 24:30-31]

Both men and women are required to dress and conduct themselves in a manner that befits their dignity and is not the cause of temptation for others. Hair is considered part of a woman’s physical attractiveness. Therefore, covering of hair for the woman is considered essential to modesty of her attire, even in the Bible. This is the reason that nuns and orthodox Jewish women also cover their hair.

It is the outer dress of Muslim women which includes the head covering that is usually referred to as hijab. Hijab is not merely a covering dress, but more importantly, it is behavior, manners, speech and appearance in public. The headscarf is an outer manifestation of an inner commitment to worshipping Allah – it symbolizes a commitment to piety. Self or inner morality is what gives meaning to the external scarf.

The Face Veil

In the opinion of the majority of Muslim scholars, a woman should cover everything except her face and hands. The face veil however, is worn by some Muslim women, who either consider it a requirement, or wish to adhere to a higher level of modesty.

Hijab – A liberation

A Typical style of Hijab worn by Muslim women

In a society in which women’s beauty has been commoditized, and where women often end up associating their self-worth with their looks, the hijab and its concomitant de-emphasis of physical beauty can be tremendously liberating. Muslim women wear the hijab out of obedience to God, while recognizing the immense wisdom behind His commandment.

Source: http://www.whyislam.org/?TabId=165#Q8

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The One With Same Day, That Year | Sopore- 6th Jan

Although ,today in Iqbal Market, Sopore, we may not find any traces of the carnage which was carried out by the indian troops (6th,Jan. 1993)but the dreadful event left a permanent impression in the minds of people. People have just forgotten about it now. What a pity..


Flash back
Seventeen years after the Sopur massacre, justice eludes the residents of this apple town as perpetrators of the carnage have not been punished and the case is still ‘under investigation’ with the Central Bureau of Investigation.
On January 6, 1993, the paramilitary Border Security Force personnel murdered 55 civilians and torched more than 300 houses and shops in retaliation to the killing of their colleague.
Eyewitnesses told Greater Kashmir that in the morning on the fateful day, militants killed a BSF trooper and fled with his rifle. “Within minutes dozens of BSF personnel descended on the market and cordoned off the area. They resorted to indiscriminate firing on civilians,” they said.
Recalling the fateful day, the President of Traders Federation Sopur, Ghulam Nabi Khan, says that naked dance of death and destruction was unleashed by the BSF men for hours here.
“They were raining bullets on men, women and children at random. They herded civilians in shops and houses, splashed kerosene over their bodies and roasted them alive,” he says adding that the soldiers didn’t even spare the kids.
“They threw a child in fire before killing his mother. They sprinkled gunpowder on a bus coming from Bandipora and torched alive its passengers,” he added.
A local resident, Muhammad Shaban Bhat, said his brother-in-law Ghulam Nabi tried to help the injured and retrieve the bodies from the market but was also shot dead by troopers.
“Braving bullets, he brought 11 bodies and then was shot too,” Bhat said.
Following the massacre, the residents registered FIR against 94 battalion of BSF accusing them of firing on civilians without provocation. The troopers also registered an FIR against unidentified militants stating that civilians were killed in cross-firing.
President of Sopur Bar Association, Muhammad Maqbool Mir, said that killer troopers involved in the gruesome incident were not punished till date.
“Neither the case witnessed progress nor the men involved were punished or charge-sheeted,” he said.
An official of Sopur Police Station told Greater Kashmir that the case was being investigated by CBI. “The case is pending with CBI,” he said.
The massacre evoked international attention and dominated headlines in several leading newspapers and magazines of the world.
“The incident is one of the worst atrocities by Indian paramilitary forces in their attempt over the past three years to crush an uprising by Muslim militants in Kashmir,” read the Independent.
Talking to Greater Kashmir over phone, CBI spokesperson Harsh Bhal said that case was under investigation.

“Perhaps there is special corner in hell reserved for soldiers who fire their weapons indiscriminately into a crowd of unarmed civilians. That, at least, must have been the hope of every resident who defied an army-enforced curfew in the Kashmiri town of Sopore last Thursday to protest a massacre that left 55 people dead and scores injured. It was India’s latest blow in a three-year campaign to crush the predominantly Muslim state’s bid for independence. In retaliation for the killing of one soldier, paramilitary forces rampaged through Sopore market setting buildings ablaze and shooting bystanders.”
Rising Kashmir:

In fact the denizens of township consider the 1993 arson as the worst chapter of their bloodied history in last twenty years of insurgency. The town has been observing complete shutdown on this particular day for 17 consecutive years. According to locals, around 350 shops and residential houses in the main chowk were set ablaze by troops, besides dozens of people being roasted alive.
“How can I forget the dreadful day, when troops went berserk and stormed aboard the passenger bus coming from Bandipora. They snatched a three-year old child from the mother seated in the bus and threw it into fire. The troops also killed the lady, besides several other passengers. I never witnessed anything like that and the incident will haunt me my entire life,” said president of Sopore Traders' Federation, Ghulam Nabi Khan.
Khan said the screams of the child engulfed by the flames still echoed in his mind, freezing his blood.
Kutub Alam, shopkeeper in the main chowk and witness to the horrifying episode, claims the troops blocked all entry and exit points of the area before setting it ablaze. “It all started early in the morning when militants ambushed the patrol party of BSF near the area police station and gunned down one trooper and snatched his weapon. As soon the news spread, the bunker located in the premises of Fire and Emergency Services near the State Bank of India resorted to indiscriminate firing. The other hundreds of bunkers present in the town followed suit and the heavy gunfire continued for two hours.
In the meantime, the troops entered the nearby Islamia College and sprinkled gun powder on the building; also on the residential houses and shops in the area and set them ablaze,” Kutub reminisced.
Mohammad Shafi lost his brother in the mayhem and claimed that the latter died while trying to save a man injured in the firing. “It was like a doomsday for me. When my brother came out of his shop and lifted the injured man in his arms for help, the troops resorted to heavy firing and killed him on spot. The fear created by the troops didn’t let me collect the body of my brother and I recovered only his half-burnt skeleton next day,” Shafi said.
Other Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sopore_massacre

Rising Kashmir: http://www.risingkashmir.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=19718&Itemid=1

Source: A Kind Email From Dr. Sayyid Yunus Gilani

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Islam and 2012 | A Must read for Muslims

This wonderful article is a brainwork of Muhammad Bilal writing at this blog.
I would like to add that we can never know when the Earth is going to end neither should we believe in predictions by fortune tellers/astrologers. Tdhis article by any means is not supporing the fact that "DoomsDay" will occur in 2012. Instead, this article points out that THE RE WILL BE SUCH A DAY. This article should serve as a reminder to those of us who have forgotten that we are here for a limited period and that everything except Almighty Allah is finite.

“Then, when the Trumpet is sounded; Truly, that Day will be
a Hard Day, Far from easy for the disbelievers “

"Shall I inform you (O people!) Upon whom the devils) descend' They
descend on every lying, sinful person. Who lends an ear (to the devils and they
pour what they may have heard of the Unseen from the angels), and most of them
are liars."

Lets remember the following when reading this:
1- The sequence of events noted come from the Q'uran and the Hadith (the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
2- Under Islam Jesus is considered a Prophet and not God.
3- Islam includes both Judaism and Christianity. All of the Prophets from Adam, Noah, Abraham, John, Christ, and Muhammad (pbut)are considered Prophets of Islam.
4- The information that appears in the Bible and the Islamic texts corroborate each other. Anyone can buy all these books and read for themselves. There are significant amount of good quality books that address this issue from the point of view of Christianity and Islam. It is just a matter of taking what matches in both religious texts to asess predictions that span more than 2000 years.
6- As you read this you will clearly see that these events are unfolding in front of our eyes, and GOD KNOWS BEST.


1- Increasing turmoil and natural disasters, war, death and conflict. See below the list of signs given by the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

2- Major catastrophe that will kill 2/3 of the world's population. The continents will move and due to the massive changes plants, animals and human life will die off in large numbers. There will be not much food. It is possible that this will happen in the year 2012 but nothing in the Islamic texts confirms this. The only possible sign is that there are no predictions made in Islam beyond the year 2000. Either a meteorite or some sort of energy pull that will cause a shift in the earth axis. This will cause the "sun to come our from the west" (see bellow predictions). Take a globe and flip is upside sown - you will see that the sun will come out form the west. At this time also there will be constant daylight as the earth tilts and moves into the new axis position. As you know Muslims pray 5 times a day. Prophet Muhammad indicate to people that at this time they should break up the day in equal portions and maintain their scheduled prayers.

3- The appearance of the ANTICHRIST. In Islamic terminology it is called the DAJALL or LIAR or DECEIVER. This individual will be a Jew whose father will be a Rabbi, he will be blind from one eye and the remaining eye will stick out like a grape. He will have extraordinary powers that will make people believe he is god. He can only be killed by Jesus (a.s.) He will be born in or around the Arabian Penninsula. The fact that he will be Jewish is pointed out in the Torah (Old Testament in the Bible) - Prince of The Israelites and the Islamic texts point out that his main followers will be Jews.
Due to his miraculous powers he will be taken by most of the Jewish and Christian people as the Messiah. As you know Evangelical Christians are waiting for the Messiah once Israel is established. Any one will be able to identify him because he will only support evil actions. Significant amount of Muslims will leave their Faith to also join him a believe in him. It is predicted that a Muslim will believe in the morning and disbelieve in the evening and a non believer will not believe in the morning and believe in the evening. The only people who will oppose him will be a small number of believing Muslims. The Muslims will be persecuted by the ANTICHRIST who will present them as an evil force (sounds familiar?). He will claim he is himself god. The reason for people following him is that due to the amount of turmoil, war, and killings many people will stop believing in God and be angry at Him (as opposed to blaming ourselves for our own corrupt ways). They will look at this individual as their saviour who will have power to produce some food or water for them. Anyone who follows or worships the ANTICHRIST will be cursed to Hell by God.

4- In the Arabian Peninsula an individual will appear. In the Islamic predictions his name is MEHDI (IMAM MEHDI r.a.). He will gather the Muslims who oppose the ANTICHRIST and fight him. For MEHDI and the opposing forces it will be an ongoing loosing battle. Muslims will be defeated in the East and then the West. The ANTICHRIST will come to the walls of Mecca and Medina but he will not be able to enter them.

5- Jesus (a.s.) will descend in Jerusalem. In the Islamic belief Jesus is not crucified, but God replaced him in the cross with another individual and took up to Heaven Jesus (a.s.). One of the main predictions in relation to Jesus (a.s.) is that his descend will be witnessed by EVERYBODY. He will declare his condition as a Prophet and not God. People will turn away from the ANTICHRIST. Jesus (a.s.) will kill the ANTICHRIST at one of the gates of Jerusalem.

6- Once this happens the people of Gog and Magog will come out. They will be all killed. Peace and prosperity will then descend upon the whole world where Jesus (a.s.) will be the leader of all people. At this point Jesus (a.s.) will marry and have a family.

7- Jesus (a.s.) will die. Then, all good people will be taken up by God through a wind that will descend and kill them. Only corrupt, unbelieving people will remain. Then end of the wold will then come and Judgment Day.

These are SIGNS related to the end of times according to Islamic sources:

Wild animals will be gathered into captivity and kept in collections in pens and cages.

Murder will be considered a minor act.

Men will get payment for their reproductive organs (artificial fertilization).

Reducing weights and measures of goods will be a means of increasing profits.

The person earning a proper and lawful livelihood will be scorned and the person earning his living from unfair means will be admired.

The main purpose in life will be earning and enjoying.

Aphrodisiacs will be used to strengthen the body for sodomy.

Usury will gain solid ground.

Adultery will be commonplace.

The murder victim will not know why he is murdered and the killer will not know why he killed.

Mansions like palaces will be constructed.

Bribery will become like a custom.

There will be no regard for the ties of relationship.

Murder will increase.

Fools will be made rulers.

Forbearance will be called cowardice and weakness.

Ministers of government will be liars.

The practice of divorce will increase.

A liar will be considered an acceptable witness.

Homosexuality will be openly practiced.

Good people will keep silent fearing others' foul speech.

Goodness and evil will be viewed from the same perspective.

Young boys will be used like women on payment.

Unworthy persons will meddle in affairs of state.

Men will keep their hair in a ladylike manner.

The governors will consider the wealth of the people as their own and they will attack the morality of women.

Governments will stockpile grains to maintain prices.

Government will be entrusted to those unworthy of it.

The earth will vomit oblong pieces of its liver like columns of gold and silver. The murderer will come and say "I killed for this," and the deserter will come and say "I deserted my family for this," and the thief will come and say "My hand has been cut off for this."

The Euphrates will disclose a mountain of gold over which people will fight. Ninety-nine out of each hundred will be killed and every one of them will say "Maybe I will be the one who will escape."

The Last Hour shall not occur until wealth will increase among you and become enormous, until a man takes out the charity due from his wealth but will find none to accept it, until the land of the Arabs becomes meadows and rivers.

The Last Hour shall not occur until wealth will increase among you and become enormous, and the owner of wealth will search for one entitled to the charity due on it; and he will present it and the person to whom it will be presented will say "I have no need of it;" and barefooted shepherds will compete with each other in the building of tall buildings.

The slave girl will give birth to her owner .


You will follow the practices of those who were before you, step by step, foot by foot, so much so that if one of them goes into the hole of a lizard you will follow.

God will take up the knowledge, not by removing it from the minds of people, but by taking possession of the knowledgeable. Then the people will call on the ignorant to inform them, and they will go astray and lead astray.

The people will get up in the morning to carry on trade and there will be hardly anyone who will fulfill their bargain. It will be said "There is a trustworthy man in so and so;" and it will be said of a man "How wise is he! How skillful is be! How resolute is he," while in his heart there will be no faith even to the grain of a mustard seed.

It is near that the nations will call one another against you just as diners call one another to their dishes. You will be numerous, but you will be so much rubbish like the rubbish of a flood. God will take away the fear of you from the minds of your enemies and will put weakness in your hearts, from love for this world and dislike of death.

Wait for the last Hour when allegiance will be destroyed. Wait for the Hour when rule will be entrusted to those who will be unworthy of it.

The Hour shall not occur until time contracts. A year will go by like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hour and an hour like the kindling of a fire.

Time will become short, learning will come to an end, troubles will appear, miserliness will be cast in the hearts, and murder will increase.

The first of the signs to appear will be the rising of the sun in its place of setting and the coming forth of the beast in the morning. Whichever of them comes first will soon be followed by the other.

Let him who hears of the dajjal go far from him, for I swear by God that a man will go to him thinking he is a believer and follow him because of confused ideas which he rouses in him.

The Smoke; the Dajjal; the Beast; the rising of the sun in its place of setting; the descent of Jesus son of Mary; Gog and Magog; three earthquakes -- one in the East, one in the West, and one in Arabia; and a fire which will drive mankind to their place of assembly.

The least of the signs of the last hour will be a fire which will gather mankind from the east to the west.


There is no prophet who has not warned his people about the one-eyed liar. I tell you that he is one-eyed, but your Lord is not one-eyed. On his forehead are the letters "k," "f," "r." (KUFAR means UNBELIEVER IN GOD)

He is one-eyed, and will bring with him something like paradise and hell, but what he calls paradise will be hell. I warn you as Noah warned his people about him.

Allah Knows Best..